Guacuco Concept Teaser | Escapism

“Guacuco” is a short dream about returning to your home and making space for better things: “In this small seaside diorama I explore what it means to me to hold onto traumatic memories, and what it feels to re-visit and let go. It’s a form of having a conversation with myself about my relationship with my gender, my ethnicity, and the way society has reacted to and shaped my history as I navigate it.”- Sol Martínez-Solé, creater Guacaco

video credits:

concept: arjunraj with Sol Martínez-Solé Edited by: arjunraj (Oyoun)
Footage: Humberto Acevedo Narváez @humacevedo
Typeface: Mess By Tezzo Suzuki and Velvetyne Type Foundry
Background score: avyary creative
direction: Madhumita Nandi (Oyoun)