OPEN CALL: Between Identities: From Roots to Wisdom

In a world of globalization and migration, where do I belong to?

They say that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, and through this workshop Maryse and Johanna will guide you through the journey of discovering our own identities. Using a de-colonial perspective the workshop will question how the world around us defines people's paths towards their own identity. Using individual visions and combining them, Maryse, Johanna and the participants will build the tree of identities, the Arbol of Ubumwe, where all of your stories come together to represent diversity, inclusiveness and togetherness.

Maryse is a Burundian student in clinical psychology, she also works in the field of community development as a project facilitator where she gets to be in touch with people from discriminated groups and minorities and helps them to create and run small businesses, become financially independent and take care of their families. Johanna took a long turn through studying literature to work in supermarkets, hostels, bakeries, cafés, until she could become a full-time storyteller. Now she tells fairy tales, myths and legends from all over to adults and children. Maryse and Johanna met each other through the Kulturweit Tandem program, and found one thing in common despite their different working environments: bringing people together!

This workshop is open to a total of 12 people of all backgrounds, ages and genders. If you are interested in participating in the workshop please answer the following questions: “Why are you interested in participating?” and if you're comfortable: “What is the story behind your name?” and send them to johanna (at)

15.06.2023, 18:30 p.m., doors open 18:00 p.m., duration 2,5 hours

Registration open until 07.06.2023.

Selected participants will be informed until 09.06.2023 latest.

Part of the Kulturweit Tandem program sponsored by German UNESCO Commission

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*please read the full offer to see who is eligible to apply*

Funded residency (3-4 months): Join our team at Oyoun, Berlin's anti-disciplinary epicenter dedicated to decolonial, migrant and queer*feminist arts and culture.
We are looking for a new or would-be entrepreneur to join our team, bring in their ideas and further develop projects with a focus on one of these three areas:

– Resilience
– digital skills
– Green Skills

Your responsibilities include community building, event management, design research, admin work and more. You will be working closely with the founders and artistic direction team.

Start: asap but flexible
Location: Berlin

Please send your CV and cover letter to hallo(at) or tell a friend

As this is an EU funded program, you need to be a resident in one of the 27 European Member States (** EXCEPT GERMANY **) or the UK, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Republic of North Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Kosovo as well as EU outermost regions and the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs). This means you must have been living in one of the aforementioned countries at least for the past six months. However, it is regardless of nationality or the nature of your residence permit. Moreover, students are not eligible for this residency.

We are excited to hear from you!

Apply Now!

Rongin Shagor

Finally online! After months of thinking, planning, programming and curating is since 13.11. officially online. The digital platform is at the center of the artistic debate of the same name about the poem “community” by the Afro-German poet and activist May Ayim, whose work also inspires and shapes our work. Based on said poem, a number of multidisciplinary artists have formulated responses in different media, which are now available on the website. At the same time, the digital platform invites you to formulate an artistic answer yourself, which either refers directly to Ayim's poem or one of the answers that have already been published and thus contributes to the artistic chain letter.
Mightier Than a Trampled Flower
Illustration artwork "Ishtar and the Mightier Flowers" by Dariushka Alexander.

Mightier than a Trampled Flower

women* in (post-)war, demystifying woman*hood and queer-feminist alliance

Oyoun's second curatorial focus is a testimony for women* in wars, against marginalizing historiography. It illuminates the struggles of women* whose chronicles are interwoven with colonial history and the decolonial movement: women* in Brazil in the midst of pervasive femicide, resistance fighters* in the Algerian War of Independence, and “comfort women”, the survivors of sexual enslavement by the Imperial Japanese Army.

Numerous depictions of women* at war are symptomatic of patriarchal-colonial oppression. Mightier than a Trampled Flower deconstructs the fetishization of a "trampled flower" - broken and fragile but still pretty and soft, confronts the gender binarity in our language and reclaims womanhood in the hands of fighters.

The focus will start in April 2022 with the project AS* PAPANGUS by the Afro-Brazilian artist Bruna Amaro.

women* in (post-)war, demystifying woman*hood and queer-feminist alliance

The second curatorial focus of Oyoun is a witness to women* in wars and against the history-making that is neglectful of experiences of the marginalized. It sheds light on the struggles of women*, whose chronicles are entangled with colonialism and decolonial movements, such as: women* in Brazil facing the threat of pervasive femicide, women* resistance fighters in the Algerian War of Independence, and “comfort women” , the survivors of forced sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army.

Numerous representations of women* in wars are symptomatic of patriarchal-colonial oppression. Mightier than a Trampled Flower deconstructs the fetishization of “a trampled flower” – broken and fragile but still pretty and soft, while tackling the gender binary embedded in our language and reclaiming woman*hood in the hands of women* fighters.

The public program launches on April 30 with the project AS* PAPANGUS by the Afro-Brazilian artist Bruna Amaro.

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Music, Fashion, Food | Rice and Beans

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

Rice and Beans Events invites you to a day full of food, fashion and music. Music: Immerse yourself in the smooth sounds of RnB, the foundation of music that holds a [...]

Tickets €12,00 248 tickets available

48h Neukölln | Queer Comedy Show: Ghetto Wrestling

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

Ghetto Wrestling is a queer comedy show centered around a “camp” wrestling performance. In this extravaganza, the creativity of the costumes and characters is more important than actual wrestling skills. [...]

Workshops | Life Drawing Club

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

The Art-Expression Life-Drawing Club led by Golnar Tabibzadeh is back in Berlin! Every month Art-Expression Studios will host at least one Life-Drawing session in the last week of every month [...]


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