Mince eV dance program

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

(English below) Until December 2021, dance courses for children and young people as well as the [...]

ESCAPISM - Exhibition

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

(German below) Affective Archives of Resistance- Enter now! With ESCAPISM, Oyoun opens a platform for an artistic and sociocritical experiment, connecting virtual and physical spaces. In an interactive exhibition at [...]

Liquid Rituals - sustainable dance theater positions

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

"Your future is our now!" is a response of many climate activists of color to the predominately white fridays for future movement. In our work we want to explore aestehetic [...]

Break & Connection

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

With a dance installation, “Break & Connection” opens up a space for pause and reflection, which, beyond post-colonial, western influences, creates a different connection between the individual and himself and [...]

Manuscripts of Foreign Body (s) X MeeM عَ Podcast

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

Manuscripts of foreign body (s) visual screening panel event, taking forms of manifestation of stories that Queer & Trans * bodies of color hold as a form of existence, from pain to [...]


Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Strasse 32, Berlin

RUSNAM presents the experimental audio-visual performance "ctrl.xx.tension" - the 75 - minute performative sound experience takes the audience into a musical examination of the image of women shaped by female pop icons, united [...]


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