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UN:IMAGINABLE – Live Music: Sonic Intervention / Out Of Time Embassy / Jam

22.Mai 2022 16:00 - 19:00

When you experience Sonic Intervention, you experience a holistic uplifting of your body, mind and soul through high-energy forms of healing. There are no words to describe the emotions set free when they come together.  - Louna Sbou

Sonic Intervention by Out Of Time Embassy is a perfect way to spoil yourself on a Sunday afternoon at Oyoun. 

Come by and experience this musical intervention and make sure you stay for the final performance in the evening.

Start: 16.00H (Café, ground floor)
Tickets: Donation-based


This event is part of UN:IMAGINABLE - our histories in conversation

UN:IMAGINABLE is one remarkable theatre production resulting from lived realities of trauma, war, segregation and exile. In the 1990s the conflicts in Rwanda and the Balkans shattered the world and remain recorded as two of the bloodiest events in modern history. However, testimonies and stories continue to this day. Many have fled their home country and some have reached Germany, a space glorified as paradise. 

Society is stuck in suppressed fear and hatred leading to further conflicts while in denial of histories untold. UN:IMAGINABLE mirrors the banality of evil and its connection to everyday, mundane life and deals with the hour prior to death in the lives of victims and perpetrators. 

World Premiere: 18 May, at 18.00H (Reception) / 19.30 H (Performance)

Additional performances: 

19 May, 19.00H (Doors) / 19.30H (Performance)
22 May, 19.00H (Doors) / 19.30H (Performance)

UN:IMAGINABLE is produced by Oyoun Berlin, Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company Rwanda and the Sarajevo War Theater Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Supported in the fund TURN2 the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as well as by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.



Sonic In(ter)ventions

Sonic In(ter)ventions is a jam session. As cultural workers responding to the times with community building, Out of Time Embassy (OOTE) consciously meld together sound and healing to form sessions of high-energy improvisation. Spaces are reimagined as interactive meditation sites for historical excavation, archival protest, and creative processing. Open and free artistic expressions are cultivated with an intention of decentralizing and celebrating the knowledge production process through action based art forms such as dance and music.

Out Of Time Embassy

OOTE is a collective that emerged out of a pure necessity to create and build community. It is a multicultural group of curators producing conversation and curiosity about art and culture and civic engagement, meditating on local and global impacts of cultural work. OOTE embodies an international unity for seemingly disparate worlds, building bridges and creating safe(r) spaces for expression to be cultivated and nurtured. Together, we produce outdoor concerts such as Sonic In(ter)ventions, a weekly ritual, which organically curated itself in the wake of the BLM protest and amidst the global pandemic. 

◥ Im Oyoun ist kein Platz für Sexismus, Queerfeindlichkeit, Transfeindlichkeit, jegliche Form von Rassismus oder Diskriminierung wie antischwarzem, antimuslimischem Rassismus oder Antisemistismus. Dasselbe gilt für jede Art von gewalttätigem, aggressivem oder übergriffigem Verhalten. Oyoun bietet einen sicheren Raum für alle, ein offenes Forum für den Dialog und einen Ort, an dem wir uns gegenseitig unterstützen und füreinander einstehen. Wenn dich jemand oder etwas während einer Veranstaltung stört, wende dich bitte an ein Mitglied unseres Personals, das dafür da ist, dir zu helfen! Wenn du uns nach einer Veranstaltung eine Erfahrung mitteilen möchtest, schreibe uns bitte eine E-Mail an oder sende uns eine anonyme Nachricht über unsere Website.


22.Mai 2022
16:00 - 19:00
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Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland
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