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THE STEAMY KIKI BALL by Mother Dream Louboutin

21.Mai 2022 17:00 - 22.Mai 2022 00:00

German Mother Dream Louboutin invites you to a steamy spring evening. Think of spring vibes, sauna, shisha, wellness and most important: fun! Let’s make it hot while having a kiki! 

Door open: 17:00

Show start: 19:00

Tickets (Abendkasse/Box Office):

Participants: 5 €
QT*BIPOC: 10 €
Spectators: 15 €

registration for participants:

Dresscode for participants:
light blue, transparent, white ONLY
- no other colors
(You have to include at least 2 out of this 3)
Shoes and accessories don’t count!
Optional: Wellness, Sauna, Shisha, Spring, Steamy vibes

DJ: Father Daniel Bandita 
Father Elijah Tea 
Mandhla Laveaux 
Nake Juicy Couture 
Father Rico Louboutin 
Ria Mermaids 
Mother Ambrosia Angels 
Gaby 007 

Categories in order:
- MF Realness
- FF Body
- Beginners Runway OTA
- FQ Realness
- Beginners Performance OTA
- Tag Team Washed Face OTA
- MF Body
- Best look of the night OTA
- Performance OTA
- Runway with a Prop OTA (Walk the runway while working your towel)
- Sex Siren OTA


About the artist:

Eros walked his first ball three years ago in Berlin, just before he moved there to dive into the ballroom scene of Germany. He started to make his first steps as part of the Iconic International House of Saint-Laurent. During his first year he won the European Award for „All American Runway of the year“, at the Galaxy Ball in Paris by Legendary Father Charly (Ebony) Gaultier-Brown. From time to time he tried several categories and won grand prizes in 10 different categories, in 5 different countries. He
organized a few ballroom events in Germany and judged onternationally. After being in the house of Ebony for almost 2 years he just debuted as a 007 in Paris, where he again snatched two trophies. He is undefeated in Germany since almost 1,5 years and collected over 50 trophies in total. His goal is to become known for European Runway, All American Runway and Runway with a twist - which is his main category - but also for his community work, projects and events that he wants to realize in the future. Till now Eros has been part of several campaigns, interviews, TV shows, Performances, Panel Talks etc. in connection to his Ballroom Career. For 2022 he already planned a few events and ballroom trips, but his excitement for the ballroom youth project that he is co-initiating in Berlin, is the biggest.

◥ At Oyoun, there is no place for sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, any form of racism or discrimination such as anti-Black, anti-Muslim or anti-Jewish racism, and any sort of violent or aggressive behaviour. Oyoun offers a safer space for all, an open forum for dialogue and a place where we support and stand up for each other. If someone/something bothers you during an event, please approach a member of our staff who is there to help! If you want to share an experience with us after an event, please write us an email or send us an anonymous message via our website.


21.Mai 2022 17:00
22.Mai 2022 00:00


Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland
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