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Photo Exhibition | Antoine Antabi: Tales of a Gully

13.Oktober 2023 17:00 - 21:00

***The exhibition will be on display until 7 November, daily from 10:00 h to 18:00 h***

*** Please note that the two concerts that were planned after the opening have been cancelled ***

Urban Photography Solo Exhibition followed by a live concert by The Last Postman, a Syrian Indie/Dream-Pop band, and Anas Maghrebi, a Syrian musician and producer based in Berlin.

In collaboration between MENA Art Gallery, OYOUN Cultural space and AL Berlin, we present “Tales of a Gully”, a fascinating interplay between chaos and artistry takes center stage.

"Tales of a Gully" is a photography exhibition by Antoine Antabi that dares to rede-fine our perception of the everyday through a lens that hovers above the ordinary streets. With drone shots capturing gullies and their intricate patterns, in his photos Antoine delves deep into the philosophy of holes, randomness, and the remarkable likeness of the gully's essence projected onto the world around us.

In our bustling cities, gullies are often relegated to the unnoticed, perceived as mere voids in the landscape, inconsequential interruptions in our daily commutes. These gullies are not just gaps in the asphalt, but portals to the unseen, windows into the hidden tapestry of the underground. They represent the convergence of form and function, where necessity gives birth to design, and the randomness of urban life weaves its intricate patterns.

In these aerial views, we invite you to contemplate the serendipity and order that coexist in the city's labyrinthine streets. The randomness of human activity, the haphazardness of construction, and the unpredictability of nature converge to form a chaotic symphony that manifests in these gullies. Each crack and crevice tells a story, a narrative etched by time and circumstance, inviting us to question the role of chance in our lives.

Ticket: Free admission!
Language: English, Arabic


Exhibition opening: 17:00 h
Doors concert: 19:30 h
Concert: 20:00 h


MENA Art Gallery (Organiser)

MENA is an online gallery. that exists to bring the Middle East and North Africa’s most vibrant and unique art to the wider world.

MENA was founded by artists for artists. We promote and support artists and independent cultural producers and journalists from across the region.

In Arabic, MENA means ‘harbor’ - a place where travelers trade and exchange culture. MENA gallery is an online space where people from diverse backgrounds can interact with the most vibrant and challenging new waves from the Middle Eastern art scene.

Al Berlin (Organiser)

/AL\Berlin is a “rendez vous” in Berlin to promote points of meeting devoted to Contemporary Music and The Arts. We strive to create points of meeting in order to connect people through Art, Music, various Knowledge Productions methods and sensory experiences with the Contemporary Moment of West Asia and North Africa (WANA) Region. Whether this moment is happening in the geographic region itself or in its various diasporas. Ambitiously, we hope to add to the numerous efforts of creating a politically free moment for the region, for Berlin, Europe and the entire world, through this cultural engagement junction between Berlin and the Region as the departure point we embark from to the universe.

Antoine Antabi (Photographer)

Besides being a professional photographer and videographer, Antoine is also a stop-motion filmmaker. his journey with stop-motion began with his graduation project at the university in 2006 and continues until today. He has created three short films and a collection of collaboration and student projects. Stop-motion is his passion, and last year he completed his 9-minute film, "Rest in Piece," which has participated in 25 film festivals around the world.


The last postman: a Syrian Indie/Dream-Pop band.
Anas Maghrebi: a Syrian musician and producer based in Berlin.


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13.Oktober 2023
17:00 - 21:00
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