Wandering Soul

An exploration of oneself dancing with temporalities of loneliness 

A collaboration between Anis Hamdoun, Nane Kahle and Ammar Obeid: using a cinematographic approach to explore and picture the unpleasant states, confrontations we are confronted with as individuals they created a short performance film.

‘’Life… life… life… then suddenly you sit alone in your room. You look at yourself in the mirror then you both start to get to know each other. It is probably annoying or sad, you know what! It could crush you both’’

In the era where information was going faster and faster, our lives were following the same pace. Lives filled with work, sport, social interaction, different kinds of activities, which were occupying our body, mind, and spirit.

When the pandemic struck us, a sudden massive change happened and moved our lives to the slowest pace our society ever observed. The first lockdown has been a difficult moment to live as an individual. Suddenly cut from every distraction and activity that were allowing us to flee from our reality, from ourselves.

This suspension of our society, the suspension of our lives pulled up the deepest fear and highlighted our incapability or difficulties to face ourselves as individuals.

Wondering if this wave will be gone soon to sail back on our usual life, we’ve been forced to learn again how to look inward to deal with emotional despair, to connect with our needs and express them. Not able to fake or cope with situations we could flee from with our past pace some people change their lives radically their way of life, some couldn’t deal with and decide to end their lives.

Few studies showed the suicidal thought increased, a raise of separation. Covid-19 has indeed caused a lot of harm, physically, took a lot of life but has also knocked the mental condition of a massive percentage of the population.