Trapped in the matrix: on faking success, representation and social media.

A talk with Astan Meyer & Camille Schaeffer

In this OyoUniverse episode, we talk to Astan Meyer and Camille Schaeffer about how their Lockdown Residency project for Oyoun came about, and about the social impact of the art and the power of Social Media. We also talk about whether art always has to be political or what role artists play in society.

Their piece “Filters” criticises society nowadays – where faking success is more important than hard work. Physical appearance and virtual fame are what appear to matter the most to big companies. “We tried to represent this in a self-mockery way because we are all trapped in this game in the end and are almost all using filters and try to increase our followers, even though we could be against that.”

Astan Meyer is an artistic performer, rapper, singer, poet, and dancer. Her collaboration partner for this project was Camille Schaeffer, a visual artist, performer, and director. Both are based in Berlin.

Host: Khadija Alamin (IG: @khadijasound)
Guests: Astan Meyer (IG: @tisskeen) + Camille Schaeffer (IG: @cilleschcille)
Post-production: Nadia Hamdan (IG: @nadzhamzz), Khadija Alamin
Music: Nathan Bernier (IG: @kutnathan)

Produced by:
IG/fb: @oyounberlin