'Roots Connection' with  

Dumama & Kechou feat. Pachakuti

Cult’ Sup’ 6th Edition · Pt. 1

“Nomadic future folk”

is how the duo Dumama + Kechou describe their songs. The nomadism involves a dreamlike drift through electronic music, jazz, traditional African music and reggae. It also reflects their differing backgrounds. 

For this performance,  they are accompanied by their dear friend and great musician Pachakuti on saxophone, keys, and percussions. 


Gugulethu Duma is Dumama, a musician playing the uhadi Calabash Musical bow and marvelous singer from South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

Kerim Melick Becker is Kechou, a German-Algerian multi-instrumentalist & amazing producer who met Duma while studying in Johannesburg.

Their debut album buffering juju tells the fable-like story of a woman released from prison into an oppressive male-ruled world. Sung, chanted and spoken in a mix of languages, the realist narrative is hard to follow. But the music casts a powerful spell.

IG: Dumama + Kechou
FB: Dumama Music, Kechou Sound
YouTube: dumama + kechou

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Cult’ Sup’ (Culture Supply) 

is an exploration of African culture, afro descendants, afro futurism culture and of course the world: “The concept is to share afro rooted art, music, painting, photography, dance, poetry, any kind of exhibition, storytelling, fashion, knowledge and every kind of artistic performance. We aim to connect different communities together and always remind that we are one and all coming from the same place. Get together through the medium of art and knowledge.”

This is the 6th Edition of Cult’ Sup’ and and the first ever to be published online (due to covid-19). The session will be divided into 4 videos with a lot of amazing acts. Every week, 1 of the 4 parts of the will be introduced.  This week we present part one: ‘Roots Connection’ with Dumama & Kechou.