Talk on the urgency and politics of remembrance and art as a form of healing and trauma reflection

In this new episode of OyoUniverse, the podcast produced by Oyoun, four extraordinary creatives – Emilia Roig, Maryan Abdulkarim, Jasmina Musić and ShaNoN Bobinger – get together and discuss the many ways in which trauma can be reflected through various forms of art and potentially help ease the (un)conscious pain inherited or experienced.  They will also discuss the inevitability, politics and urgency of remembrance serving ways to mirror society in times of increasing hate crimes, bigotry, racism and intolerance while embracing the need for communities and spaces to heal.

Podcast edited by : Linda Hamoui

This talk is part of UN:IMAGINABLE – our histories in conversation

UN:IMAGINABLE is one remarkable theatre production resulting from lived realities of trauma, war, segregation and exile. In the 1990s the conflicts in Rwanda and the Balkans shattered the world and remain recorded as two of the bloodiest events in modern history. However, testimonies and stories continue to this day. Many have fled their home country and some have reached Germany, a space glorified as paradise. 

Society is stuck in suppressed fear and hatred leading to further conflicts while in denial of histories untold. UN:IMAGINABLE mirrors the banality of evil and its connection to everyday, mundane life and deals with the hour prior to death in the lives of victims and perpetrators.