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17.Oktober 2021 14:30 - 22:00

Eros Marciano (IG:@jan.nwattu) presents:


➤ Doors open: 14:30

➤ LSS / Roll Call: 17:00

Participants and audience are welcome to come to our in-house café/bar and garden after the ball for something to eat and drink and a little meeting place.

Tickets: box office only! CASH ONLY!

Participants - 5€
QT*BIPOC - 10€
Other - 15€


-Commentator: Ocean Louboutin

-Host: Mother Ambrosia Angels

-DJ: Jada Angels

European Mother Gigi Mattel
Father Elijah Tea
Mother Crystal Solar
Leo 007
Father Ray Salem
Shayne Angels
Princess Gaby Marciano


CATEGORIES (IN ORDER) // Shoes and accessoires don't count! -

MF Realness ~ Doctor Mario 
For the first category of the night, we wanna see real doctors. Bringt it in a typical doctor-like outfit!

Sexy Performance OTA - Zero Suit Samus 
Just as her name implicates, we wanna se you without a suit. No worries, you won't have to show up all naked: Zero Suit Samus likes to wear matching sets. Bring it in a matching crop top and hot pants combo (same color/pattern).

Hands vs Arms OTA ~ Ryu 
We wanna see you go fast and precise like the powerful Ryu. Bring it in matching (color/pattern) headband and fingerless gloves.

Beginner Runway - Sonic 
Sonic is the fastest character in the Super Smash Universe. For many, he is even too fast to handle. Take your time on the runway, don't go too fast and show us your SPORTY (but fashion) all blue outfit.

Body OTA ~ Wii Fit Trainer
Let's get physical. Bring it in an sporty outfit, you would actually use for a workout, training or a match. For the tens it's mandatory, to serve body with a sport equipment (yoga mat, ball, tennis racket, weights etc.)

Tag Team Beginner Performance ~ Ice Climbers 
You and your bestie are going on an adventure - yeahjjj! One person wears purple and the other one wears pink, how cute!

Sex Siren OTA ~ Jigglypuff 
You may look innocent in your mandatory pink and FLUFFY outfit. But we wanna see some sexyyy phantasy on the floor. Think feathers, tulle, faux fur, plush etc.


Triple Threat ~ Pokemon Trainer 150€
(1 Face, 1 Runway, 1 Performance) 
You and your Pokémon squad are here to defeat the whole Pokémon League. Your team needs to consist of one Charizard, one Squirtle and one Ivysaur. Each member has to represent the matching type (Charizard: fire, Squirtle: water, Ivysaur: grass).
You will get your tens in the following order:
Face, Runway, Performance.

Best Dressed ~ Joker 
Joker never fails to impress with his looks, even in a hot battle. Be inspired by him and show us how to storm the red carpet in a look that includes a mask of your choice and a coat.

FF Realness - Isabelle 
She is the Secretary of the Mayor and looks like she got inspired by the Mean Girls. Bring it in an outfit, that includes plaid elements.

Runway with a Twist ~ Incineroar 
This furious fighter knows how to make it hot and loves to be like a whirlwind when he battles. Make it hot and show us the twist in a red and black outfit.

Commentator vs Commentator ~ about one character 
Look at all these beautiful characters and choose at least one. Include their name in your tens!

Call Out Performance OTA ~ Mii 
Miis give you the possibility to join the forces and jump right into the Smash universe, with a character that looks like you. So just come as you are, call someone out for a battle and have fun!


Picture by Magia Marciano (IG: sevaquinn)


Please note: To take part in events at Oyoun or visit our exhibitions, you need to have a negative corona test from the same day or proof of vaccination / recovery. FFP2 Masks are mandatory at Oyoun until further notice. Further information about our hygiene concept can be found here


17.Oktober 2021
14:30 - 22:00
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