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The Squid Game Mini Ball by Eros Ebony

19.November 2021

Eros Marciano Ebony (IG: jan.nwattu) presents: THE SQUID GAME MINI BALL.


➤ Doors open for participants: 16:00

    Doors open for spectators: 16:30

➤ Ball start: 18:30

➤ Tickets: box office only (cash only). 

Participants - 5€
QT*BIPOC - 10€
Other - 15€



Commentator: Ocean 007 
Host: German Mother Ambrosia Gucci
DJ: Ceekay Ninja 
Ria Saint Laurent
Gifty Gorgeous Gucci
International Mother Cherry Ebony
Bree Prodigy
Dutch Mother Savphire Revlon
German Father David Milan 
Ashanti Ninja


Exact time table and more information are coming soon.


Categories (in order)

Beginner Runway OTA - Squid
Be inspired by squids and octopuses. Think of tentacles, the ocean, eight arms - be creative.

MF Realness - Frontman
He is the mysterious leader of the Squid Game organization. It is almost impossible to read him - you could even say he is always staying real. Bring it an all black outfit, that includes a hoodie.

Hands vs Arms OTA - Business Card
The Squid Game business card is where the drama for each participant of the game starts. Get your tens with one or two business cards in your hands- They will be waiting for you at the ball.

Beginner Performance OTA - Heart
Illegal Organ Trafficking is a big part of the storyline. Tonight we wanna see you in an outfit that includes hearts. Think of heart shape, prints, heart headpieces/props or whatever. The heart reference must be clear.

European Runway OTA - Star
During one game of the series, the participants can choose between different mysterious symbols. One of the symbols is a star - that’s you tonight! Bring it inspired by star. Think of color, patterns, print or shape of a star symbol.   <-

Tag Team Sex Siren OTA - Cookies
The cookie game is already a famous meme. Tonight we wanna see you getting your tens, while eating a cookie. Bring your favorite cookies and make it hot.


Tag Team Face OTA- VIPs
The VIPs of the squid game organization are mysterious and rich people, who love to watch the madness of the games. They are living luxurious lives and hide under fabulous masks. Tonight you are the VIPs! Bring it in classy and elegant(!!!) outfits and don’t forget the mandatory face reveal during your tens.

All American Runway OTA - Umbrella
Another important symbol of the cookie game is the umbrella. For this category we wanna see you prepared for the pouring rain. And don’t forget your mandatory umbrella.

Best Make Up OTA - Hallway
Inside of the squid game building, there is a huge hallway that is super colorful with a lot of crazy stairs. Bring it inspired by it and show us a make up look that screams pastel and geometrical. This category is about the creativity not about a daily („beautiful“) make up - think out of the box and go crazy with it.

Team Performance OTA (3 ppl) for 150€ - Square, Triangle, Circle
These three symbols are always present throughout the whole series. Each person of your team has to be inspired by one sign. (So every team consists of one square, one triangle and one circle).
You will battle only the same signs so pick wisely.

Runway with a Twist OTA - Jun-ho
Jun-ho is a police man, that is secretly investigating and trying to find out about the crucial squid games. Be inspired by the outfits of police, secret agents and spies.

Fashion Killa OTA - Jackpot
The winner of the squid game will win a lot of cash. Tonight your outfit is all about the moneyyy! Be inspired by symbols of wealth: credit cards, cash, diamonds, gold, jewelry, dollar signs etc. !

FF Realness - Doll
The famous doll of the „red light, green light“-game might look cute, but she is deadly. She wears a dress, with a shirt underneath - bring it like her!

Tag Team Body - Deok-su
Deok-su is the archetypal gangster who enjoys bullying others to feel superior. He is responsible for some of the most horrific situations of the series. Bring it like him: with a lot of tattoos! They can be real, fake or you can also go for (body) paint.

Performance in a box OTA - Tracksuit
Green and white tracksuits is what the participants are mostly wearing throughout the series. Bring it in a tracksuit or another sport outfit - but it has to be green and/or white. �
This fun category is originally called „cunt in a box“, but tonight it’s open for all voguing styles. Here is how the game works: For the tens and all the battles the participants are only allowed to move inside of their own lil square that will be drawn on the floor. If one part of your body crosses the line of the square - you will be chopped or like it would be called in Squid Game: eliminated.


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19.November 2021


Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland


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