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Threads of Resilience | Film Screening + Talk | Silent Narratives: Unveiling the Unheard

15.Dezember 2023 19:30 - 23:00

Organised by Jüdische Stimme + Pa_allies

Film screening followed by a talk by Dr. Anna-Esther Younes, Salah Said (Pa_allies), Udi Raz (Jüdische Stimme)

The NGO "Breaking the Silence" - BtS for short - is made up of former Israeli servicemen and women who want to draw attention to everyday military life and the treatment of the population in the occupied territories by collecting personal memoirs. With her film, director Silvina Landsmann provides a look behind the scenes of a controversial group with a controversial approach in the midst of a conflict that has been smouldering for over 70 years.

What makes a good soldier? The ability to follow orders without scruples or the consideration of higher moral goals when dealing with the enemy? For many members of BtS, the latter was only possible after their active military service. In their work, they deal with missions and actions that seem wrong to them today. They address the Israeli population and foreign media with videos, lectures and city tours. On the streets of Hebron, there are repeated clashes between BtS, Israeli settlers and the military. The organisation is also sharply criticised at a political level. It is accused of fabricating stories, damaging Israel's reputation and playing into the hands of anti-Semitism. With sober filmic images, Landsmann observes how the group fights for its voice, both externally and internally. 

Tickets: Donation-based
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Language: The documentary film will be shown with German subtitles. The panel discussion will be held in English.
Room: Main Hall


Anna-Esther Younes

Dr. Anna-Esther Younes is a scholar of race critical theories, using psychoanalytic approaches and post-/colonial theory. In 2016, she received a summa cum laude for her PhD thesis “Race, Colonialism and the Figure of the Jew in a New Germany” from IHEID (Geneva, CH, 2015). Younes defines her work through the (anthropological) concept of “researching home” and “researching up to power”. Younes also holds the position of a lay judge in Berlin's youth court and has founded and organized the Colloquium of Color in Berlin for several years. Her academic, journalistic and policy work can also be found on


Salah Said (pa_allies)

Salah Said, a Berlin-based Palestinian, became known in Berlin through his "WorldCitizen e.V." association, a non-profit organisation that focuses on diversity & inclusion and youth education. Salah studied political science and sociology, worked in sustainability for 9+ years in companies such as SCHUFA, SAP, Zalando, and Klarna and supported young entrepreneurs such as "Tip Me" and "Conflictfood" at "Social Impact". He is a member of a group of volunteers from Berlin, Palestinians and allies (Instagram: @Pa_allies) who stand in solidarity with Palestine and are committed to liberation and justice.

Udi Raz (Jüdische Stimme)

Udi Raz is a doctoral fellow at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies. There she investigates the contemporary self-understanding of Germany, as a nation state, as emerges through public attempts to regulate encounters beween 'Muslims' and 'Jews'. She grew up in Haifa, between Tel-Aviv and Beirut. Her work is shaped by local and global, anti- and decolonial, as well as queer liberation movements. She has lived in Berlin since 2010, where she first studied Culture and History of the Middle East and then Islamic Studies at the Free University Berlin. Raz is a board member of the Germany based organization Jewish Voice for Just Peace in the Middle East.


This event is part of the Threads of Resilience Festival

Given the current situation and urgency to express, we decided to co-organise a community-led and collectively curated 3-day festival “Threads of Resilience” from 14-16 December at Oyoun.Those include a press conference, bazaar, panels, film screening, talks, exhibition, workshops, concerts, healing session, theater, puppet show for children, and parties. With this festival, we want to reflect on and learn from movements of resistance, resilience, and solidarity across the world and come together for three days of ephemerality and collaborative archiving. We want to address and speak out against repression, silencing, instrumentalisation, and division. We need to continue to empower, promote, and celebrate pluralistic perspectives from, with, and intersectionally marginalised communities.Admission is based on free donation (nobody will be denied entry if they cannot donate). All proceeds will be given to organizations in support of victims of racist police violence and to organizations giving legal support to people threatened with deportation.


Oyoun is constantly working to make access to all events offered in the building as barrier-free as possible. For individual information on accessibility, please send us an email to access(at) We will get back to you as soon as possible. More info on this topic here.


At Oyoun there is no place for sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, any form of racism or discrimination such as anti-Black, anti-Muslim racism or antisemitism. The same applies to any kind of violent, aggressive or assaultive behaviour. Oyoun provides an open forum for dialogue and a place where we support and stand up for each other. If someone or something bothers you during an event, please contact a member of our staff who is there to help you! If you would like to share an experience with us after an event, please email us or send us an anonymous message through our website.


15.Dezember 2023
19:30 - 23:00
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