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Queerberg Soli party – 3rd Anniversary with All Stars Refugee performers

30. Oktober 21:00 - 31. Oktober 04:00

For their third anniversary, the Queerberg Collective has prepared a fairytale show.

The Queerberg Collective (House of Royals) was founded in 2015 by Queer BIPOC Refugee performers in a small venue in Kreuzberg. It was very difficult for refugee newcomer performers to get performance opportunities from many other parties and venues due to communication, professionalism and language issues. The collective decided to join forces, build their own space and invite other BIPOC newcomer artists to their stages. After one year, we celebrated the one-year anniversary with the special, choreographed, theatrical and musical show Queer/ Drag Aladdin. 

On 30 October at Oyoun, the Queerberg Collective will perform the fairy tale of Cinderella - but in their own way. First of all, in their case, Cinderella is not white, as the white media and film productions would have us believe. Needless to say, she will also not fit into heteronormative ideas and for this reason, she will not lose a shoe, but a wig at the ball - and it will not be thrown for boring upper-class straight princes and princesses that uphold class inequality. The founder of the Queerberg collective Prince Emrah will host the Cinderella show as narrator and guide us through the evening. The performers will treat the audience to oriental dance, burlesque, Bollywood performances, drag shows and music. They want to provide the comfort of imagination fairy tales hold but make them more colorful, more political and, of course, much more queer. We are looking forward to an evening of joy, power, representation, and fantastic performances.

//Open Doors: 20:00 

//Show start: 22:00 

→ Price: 15, 20, 25, 30 - Tickets available on 21.10.

If you can, please buy higher-priced tickets - it’s kind of donation prices for the Black & Brown artist community.

For refugees who can't afford tickets, reach out to for free access, or pay what you can.

Test or vaccination proof upon entry is mandatory.



Queerberg is a collective founded by House Of Royals. We are from so far different countries and cultures. It started with Refugee performers to give them space to express their Art, since it was hard for them because of variety of reasons such as language difficulties, racism etc... As a group of refugees, we also have a deep mental connection and understanding with each other, we bond over our trauma, since we have similar background. Although most of us lost their families, but we still have each other to support. And thanks to many places that support us and validate us, we've grown and come so far. IG: @queerberg_soliparty

Prince Emrah (pronouns she/he) is a professional belly dancer, a dance trainer, a beauty&wellness student, a make-up artist, a DJ, and an occasional drag queen based in Berlin. A few years ago, she arrived in Berlin as a refugee from Turkmenistan and is of Kurdish&Azerbaijan descent. Since then, he has built an impressive artistic career in Berlin's performance art scene and beyond. Emrah is the mother of an artist collective called "House of Royals," which provides a space for BIPOC LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers and refugees from countries such as Syria, Palestine, Malaysia, Libya, and the like. IG: @prince_emrah_1203



Please note: To take part in events at Oyoun or visit our exhibitions, you need to have a negative corona test from the same day or proof of vaccination / recovery. FFP2 Masks are mandatory at Oyoun until further notice. Further information about our hygiene concept can be found here


30. Oktober 21:00
31. Oktober 04:00
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