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Performance | Outsiders in Berlin

9.Juli 2023 19:00 - 20:00

Grafik mit roten Punkten auf hellem Hintergrund und der Aufschrift Outsiders in Berlin

Outsiders in Berlin seeks to center and unpack consent in the form of movement/the absence of autonomy, counter the ideals of Völkerschauen, & discuss what it means to be viewed and consumed without acquiescence. All with the focus on how Black transmasculine individuals navigate space in Berlin.

Programming will take place over the course of two days: July 8th will include the screening of films by Jota Ramos & SJ Rahatoka, along with an artist discussion and conversation. July 9th will include performances by Kalil Bat & Bishop Black whose movements will center on the notion of questioning consent, & objectification, all while navigating black masculinity within queer Berlin society. 

Questions to consider:

  • Whose bodies are relegated to the perpetual state of being viewed? How does consent operate in this dynamic?
  • How can we reposition this dynamic?
  • How are Black Queer spaces being utilized to specifically address the lack of visibility for Black Trans Masc individuals living in Berlin?
  • How can we increase the development of safer and more visible spaces to exist here in Berlin?
  • How does autonomy function today when dealing with a history predicated on its absence?
  • How are we addressing our own personal biases, & misogyny when sharing space/ interacting with the black trans masculine community?

Free admission! Please register here.

Registration also possible via bycatjones(at)

Language: English


Cat Jones

Cat Jones is a multidisciplinary artist & independent curator whose work centers on the interpersonal dialogue one has with the external world, in ways that are inviting, sharp, and warm.



Born in France, with an Afro-Creole background, Kalil Bat is a freelance dancer and performer currently based in Berlin. Kalil has been training Contemporary dances and pole-dancing for many years, as well as contorsion and acrobatics. He is currently enrolled in a full-time dance education while still pursuing his artistic career and enriching his movement vocabulary through various projects in Berlin and Europe.



Bishop Black (they/them) is a porn performer, sex worker, dancer and all-round charmer living in been In their stage and screen performances Bishop works with mythology, occultism and queerness, as well as exploring themes of sexual fluidity and race.



Jota (b.Brazil, 1989) is a transmasculine non - binary multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Beginning with autobiographical artistic experiments, Ramos explores the practices of performance, video, installation, photography, and poetry. Creating peripheral dissident subjectivities that dialogue with symbolic, etymological, and black and brown identity references, he seeks to bring a poetic reflection as a healing space thinking about how to portray the authenticity of the brown body in a genuine way, as a light-skinned Black person. His research investigates tools to build an antiracist and powerful representation of bipoc trans people’s sociality, identity, and their historical journey. He is currently studying directing at FilmArche in Berlin and has a postgraduate degree in applied social science by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul where he researched the black female entrepreneur movement in the southern region of Brazil.



SJ Rahatoka is a Black Transmasculine interdisciplinary performance creator and filmmaker based in Berlin. He is from Madagascar and Mauritius and was raised in France where he studied literature, theater, art and philosophy.  SJ’s creations explore the themes of Afrofuturism, Trans identity, Queerness, and Interconnectedness. He is part of the collective creation of the Queer Sci-fi international movie Swarm of Selenium in 2016. In July 2021, his Queer Sci-fi script Falling into the Light about ancestral healing was selected by BAAB and he had 48h to direct it collectively with 5 other Black filmmakers. The film premiered at the festival Black Reels in July 2022 in Berlin. Since October 2021, SJ has been part of filmArche where he studies fiction directing and screenwriting. In 2022, SJ wrote and directed Volana’s Eclipse that was selected for the Vierte Welle festival in the category Trans Lives matter and Xposed festival in June 2023.



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9.Juli 2023
19:00 - 20:00
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