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DARE TO BE ONESELF | KAUM – Indonesian Alternative Film & Performance Festival

18.August 2021 15:00 - 17:00

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Eine Veranstaltung um 17:00 Uhr am 20.August 2021

The KAUM Indonesian Alternative Performance & Film Festival organised by the Soydivision collective aims to raise underrepresented voices in the Indonesian society on issues related to the environment, the Chinese-Indonesian society, East Indonesia, Feminism, and LGBTQ+. These different topics translate into the categories of the festival: dare to be conscious, dare to be different, dare to be east, dare to be equal, dare to be oneself!

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→ Short Film / 15 min / english subtitles

Isfi can wear her comfortable pants among her guy friends but has to wear hijab to be accepted at Nita’s house. Two days to Nita’s birthday, all Isfi wants is to prepare the best giftin Nita’s room. 

Aditya Ahmad, born in Makassar(May 29th 1989) has his short SEPATU BARU recognized as Special Mention in 64th Berlin International Film Festival. He then participated the Asian Film Academy (19th Busan InternationalFilmFestival)andtheBerlinaleTalentCampus2015.Aditya alsoworkedas2ndAssistantDirectoronafewfeaturesbyMilesFilms.

→ Short Film / 16 min / english subtitles

A mortuary cosmetologist has to face a dilemma when she receives a call from a mother who had lost her child.

Putri Sarah Amelia is a lecturer and film director based in South Tangerang, Indonesia. She studied film directing at Jakarta Institute of Art (IKJ) and finished her master's degree in Urban Arts and Cultural Industries IKJ. She began her career as an editor or assistant director in short films, featured length films, and TV Commercials with many production houses. Although she is now a full-time lecturer, she continues to direct music videos and short films.​ In 2020, her latest short film, GOLDEN FRAMES IN THE CLOSET was officially selected and screening at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2020 in Asia International & Japan program. The film competed at Bali International Short Film Festival - Minikino Film Week 6 and won National Jury Competition Award 2020. The film also competed at Festival Film Indonesia 2020 and won Best Short Film Award 2020.

→ Short Documentary / 24 min / english subtitles

Some people are afraid of getting old, women are afraid of losing their beauty, men are afraid of losing their strength, and both are afraid to face other things after old age. So what does Dona feel? an elderly transvestite who is embodying the combination of the two. This film shows the reality of Dona's life in living her old age as a transvestite in a shelter house.

Rofie Fauzie is a young director who has worked on documentaries with the theme of humanity. The director whose full name is Rofie Nur Fauzie was born in Kuningan, April 11, 1998. He has completed his studies at the Indonesian Cultural Arts Institute (ISBI) Bandung in 2019. Being in the world of cinema since 2015 has made Rofie start to love documentary films, especially biographical documentaries with humanity as main focus. He caught his attention on the film 50:50 (fifty – fifty), a film that tells about the life of an elderly transgender who lives together in a shelter house. Some of the film titles he has produced include ASIH (documentary, 2017), Anak Pisang (documentary, 2017), Jatukrami (docu-drama, 2018), and 50:50 (documentary, 2019).

→ Short Documentary / 38 min / english subtitles

A Project Change documentary funded by the Ford Foundation, "Emak dari Jambi" (literally "Mother from Jambi") is a documentary about Anggun Pradesha's personal experience and exploration. This documentary also offers us Kurtini's (Anggun's mother) views on her child's struggle to a greater social acceptance.

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Funded by: #TakePart funding program by Fonds Darstellende Künste 

Partners: Queer Asia, European Solidarity Corps, In-Docs, Minikino, Jakarta Feminist


18.August 2021
15:00 - 17:00
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