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Gen Z Dialogues – an online exploration of vulnerability and collaboration

12.Mai 2021 19:00 - 21:00

Gen Z is coming of age in a time of sociopolitical and ecological crises, gathered in online spaces that leave many overwhelmed and paralysed. Our exposure to crowded Social Media platforms causes, more often than not, disengagement and news-fatigue, paired with insecurities around self-image. Which story does Gen Z tell together? How do they navigate online spaces between education, empowerment and exposure? And what is the power of vulnerability?

Gen Z Dialogues explores online dialogues as spaces for vulnerability, creativity and empathy, zooming in on diverse, international Gen Z voices. Naomi Hattler has captured intimate and authentically documented video dialogues revolving around the theme of vulnerability and the potential of all-pervasive connectivity as a young generation. These dialogues have come together in an artistic research platform exploring the creative potential and possibilities of engaging in online dialogues. Gen Z Dialogues has evolved into an international network of co-creators from Spain, Canada, Ukraine, Indonesia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Germany that was merely built through online communication. The conversations touch upon topics such as gender identities, toxic competition, social activism and empowerment. The socially-engaged project inspires urgent discourse and gives impulses to rethink daily online interaction.

In an interactive Zoom event, Naomi Hattler shows her graduation work, accompanied by an interactive program with two guest speakers and discussion participants from artistic and (queer-feminist) activist backgrounds.
Oyoun is happy to provide a platform for this event.


19:00 Welcome & Introduction
19:10 Screening
19:45 Gen Z Discussion
20:15 Future Game
20:40 Q&A
21:00 Closing

Where:  On Zoom - Please register here.

Important note: By signing-up for the event, you agree on the entire event being recorded. The maker will use the audio documentation with care & respect as valuable material for her further research.

Guest speakers:

Debora Heijne (she/her) is a Dutch Art Educator and Dance Maker, developing, researching and working with Art Dialogue as a natural part of education, in any field of study. (Link:

Daniel Schimmelpfennig (he/him) is a Futurist exploring intergenerational time gates towards narrative explorations of vulnerability on the blending between sciences, films, games, theatre, comics and literature. (


Naomi Hattler

Coming from an interdisciplinary arts background, Naomi Hattler is a maker and project leader who emphasizes a critical and engaged approach in honest conversations beyond the formal interview format. This is as important to her as daring to follow a fascination without planning the artistic outcome. For Naomi, the creation of art is to engage with her own visions and stories, with those of others through an almost journalistic approach and with the bigger discourses and pressing questions that surround us. By portraying different perspectives and putting them alongside each other, she hopes to offer space for inspiration and reflection. 

For her current graduation project on Generation Z - her generation - Naomi is exploring the potential of vulnerability to create meaningful online interaction and mutual empowerment. Against the background of the Anthropocene, she senses a big urgency to look beyond the comfort zone and to explore the meaning of community and cooperation today as individual actions that are increasingly intertwined with a collective responsibility. Naomi is particularly interested in exploring how far the enormous connectivity within her generation contributes to a shift in how Gen Z - as a collaborating, global community - takes on responsibility for their common future. 

Instagram: @genzdialogues

Curatorial Team: Naomi Hattler, Lilian Mauthofer, Sarah Marcinkowski

Funded by: iArts Maastricht

Oyoun is happy to provide a platform for this event.

For media and press inquiries, please email genzdialogues (at)


12.Mai 2021
19:00 - 21:00