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Frei(T)räume – Envisioning Free Space: Conference + Afterparty

27.November 2021 11:00 - 28.November 2021 05:00

◥ Come join us in Berlin on November 27th for a full day of workshops, lectures & performances!

Are we really reflecting & adapting? Are our spaces and communities resilient enough for the next crises?
The extermination of our self-organized free spaces is accelerated. We remain unsupported and mostly unrecognized by local governments, even as it is clear that self-organized culture will play a crucial role in facing the global crises to come.
Which role does dance, protest & reclaiming freedom of movement play to create the futures we need? The time is now to look into the historical and contemporary examples to put things in perspective and build bridges between activists, artists, political agents, urban changemakers and push reunification for meaningful alliances to enhance our resilience.
We invite you to join us for an intellectual and artistic reclamation of our futures, to challenging discussions and celebrations of radical self-expression. The time is now to build bridges between activists, artists, political agents, urban changemakers and push reunification for meaningful alliances to enhance our resilience.


→ Language: English & German

→ Open Doors: 11:00
     Event start: 12:00

→ ​​Get your ticket here.

→ More information on the speakers, the artists and the programme can be found here.


◥ Pillars
space of urgency
dance of urgency
self-organisation for the just climate transition
d.i.y tools for the reclamation of urban space
politics, party & solidarity
blockchain & nfts’s for long-term equity?
alternative economies: disCOs and time
community care
pleasure activism & mutual care
disruptive technologies
queer & feminist rave-olution from east to west
queer raver care future technologies
space pirates from the future
radical ruralism

◥ With members of
17maisi - act4culture georgia - actors of urban change - anti-mass uganda - bam-c - bassiani- bqestia soundsystem - cameltown - club commission - commons transition - cxema - de drukkerij - - electronauts - escape 010101 - expedition free space - forward the revolution - guerrilla translation - hidden-institute - horoom nights - kollage kollectiv - kollektiv spieltrieb e.v - kosmicare - las tesis collective - lecken - love foundation - mina collective lisboa - night mayor foundation - nyege nyege festival - platform cooperatives germany - rave awareness - space of urgency - space pirates from the future - spiral tribe - supermarkt berlin - tight magazine - trans europe halles - ts raver - united we stream - waking life festival - xenoentities - ecolise - zad notre dame des landes - хіть kyiv


◥ Main curators:


Since 2016, Liese Kingma has been the main curator and concept developer of the FREI[T]RÄUME conference. Through her work, she has managed to unite artists, activists, spaces, urban changemakers and political change makers in stroboscopic motion. Next to the curational work, she is a project developer of the Space of Urgency Platform. With her work in Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna and Helsinki, she has been sparking interaction and collaboration between self-organized socio-cultural actors and local governments towards implementing simplified access to space for self-organized culture. Together with the Space of Urgency team, Liese is currently advising the Free Space Policy developments in Amsterdam as well as building the online space of Urgency platform , For FREI[T]RÄUME 2021, Liese is the main project lead & curator.


is a Serbian / Dutch artist, researcher and curator. He is doing Artistic Research PhD at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with the ongoing research project "I Dance Alone" that observes clubbing from a birds-eye-view as a mirror of social and political changes. Investigating collective and individual dynamics of the dance floor. He established a definition of "Dance of Urgency", a dance that rises in times of personal and collective crises. Such a dance aims to empower individuals and collectives. Bogomir is curator and head of education and research at Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. He is speaking and teaching internationally. He is co-curator of Frei(T)räume – the public day of Stadt Nach Acht conference since 2014. Have been contributing to various international music festivals, club programs and institutions. 


◥ Partners & Co-Sponsors

A project by Space of Urgency
Actors of Urban Change, a program by MitOst e.V. supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung
Partners: Stadt nach Acht, United We Stream, Kollektiv Spieltrieb e.V. 





Space of Urgency





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27.November 2021 11:00
28.November 2021 05:00
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