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بتحصل – betahssul – it happens

8.Oktober 2021 19:00 - 22:00

Zeyo - Betahssul - Poster

On October 8, Zeyo - rapper, film maker, music producer and activist - will be premiering his debut album, highlighting the social and political climate in Sudan, the sound of resistance and the opposition against the Janjaweed. The government-backed militiamen gained notoriety through the brutal killing of civilians and protestors during the peaceful revolution in 2019. The album is accompanied by a large variety of musicians, together  Zeyo is making an offering to the world and social change. For the occasion of the album release, the renowned Sudan-based rapper Wad Almzad will be invited to host and support this premier. Both Zeyo and Wad Almzad represent voices of a Sudanese generation, who are deconstructing and reconstructing the genre of Rap and redefining the Sudanese Rap game. The concert will be moderated by the visual artist and activist Eythar Gubara and accompanied by the Sudanese legend, Elwalid Yousf, and the one and only Sonic In(ter)vention, Berlin-based global trance music formation. Ibrahim Aljrefawi will assist in the technical implementation.

The project has been realized by the support of Civic Lab Sudan and funded by MRI (Martin Roth Initiative), Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Bosch Stiftung and Goethe Institute.
The concert will be followed by a panel discussion on Oct 10 and another concert in Pavillon Hannover on Oct 15.

Mustafa Elsiddig, known as Zeyo is a Sudanese national, born in Wad Madani. Zeyo grew up in United Arab Emirates, in the Al-ain. He fell in love with Rap music and started pursuing it when he was 16 years old. At first, he used to write poetry but couldn’t quite grasp the flow. Although he was in love with this art, it was challenging, as he is a stutterer. Until one day he played a beat he found on YouTube, and attempted to rap on it. That’s when he discovered that he can perform, since then he hasn’t stopped.To Zeyo music is a comfort zone. As he had had a tough childhood because of his stuttering condition, he grew to get over it, through making this art. By which he learned some extra skills such as, making beats, video editing and photography. He strives towards transforming any negativity he is subjected to into a solitude that benefits his growth. His goal is to express what he, and others, go through due to freedom suppression practiced by the extremist right wing government in Sudan. He also strives towards establishing a platform in his country, to help revolutionary artists, who are not fortunate enough to practice their artistry, due to the hard living conditions that they go through because of the government.
>IG: @Zeyo.Mann

Wad Almzad
Khaled Ezzeldeen Osman Farhat, also known as Zangola, or Wad Almzad is born in the United Arab Emirates, has spent most of his life and creative output in Sudan. Having worked as a DJ he received plenty of inspiration from Zeyo and by the development of the Rap scene in Sudan in the years leading up to the peaceful revolution in 2018. That encouraged him to pursue a career as a Rapper and musician. In 2019 he started with simple freestyles, as this was the easiest way for him to spread his message of empowerment, hope, self-worth and community to all the Sudanese people. The concert Zangola held in December 2020 attracted an audience of three thousand fans. The following concerts had to be cancelled due to pandemic reasons and in April 2021 he held his second concert, which was attended by another four thousand fans, gradually growing a considerable following amongst the young Sudanese population. He is currently 28 years old and has his main base in Khartoum, Sudan, but regularly travels to different parts of the world for musical collaborations. 
>IG: @wad_almzad

Elwalid Yousf
Sudaneseische Musiker, Geboren in Khartoum Sudan 1966
Studium Hochschule für Musik und Theater Khartoum/Sudan
* Gründungsmitglieder Sawra Musik Band (1991-1994)
* Mitglieder Igd Elglalad Musikgruppe (1996-1997)
* 1997 Ausreise nach Deutschland 
* Konzerten: In Sudanesische Städte und Arabische Länder, Paris ("Institut der Arabischen Welt") Holland (Music Meeting Festival),Amsterdam, Den Haag,Leiden...Deutschland (Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin) Frankfurt am Main, Köln,Hanover...London,Dublin,Salzburg...
> Facebook

Sonic In(ter)vention
Sonic In(ter)ventions is a weekly jam session of global trance musics. As cultural workers responding to the times with community building, the hosts consciously meld together sound and healing to form 5+ hour sessions of high energy improvisation. Public spaces are reimagined as interactive meditation sites for historical excavation, archival protest, and creative processing. Open and free artistic expressions are cultivated with an intention of decentralizing and celebrating the knowledge production process through action based art forms such as dance and music. 
> IG: @outoftimeembassy

Eythar Gubara
Gubara was born in Khartoum, Sudan, and holds a degree in computer engineering from a university in Saudi Arabia. After having started as a self-taught amateur photographer at age 20, she attended several workshops at the local German cultural centre - Goethe-Institut - where she joined other Sudanese photographers, who were developing their technical and artistic skills. Her images illustrating civic engagement for human rights and specifically gender inequality of women in Sudan have been shown by internet magazines such as human rights organization Dawn MENA and by the Goethe-Institut Sudan.Further, Gubara was pictured and quoted as part of Sudanese graffiti artist Assil Diab's team, standing before a wall painting of a protester killed during the revolution on BBC News 'Africa Week in Pictures' in July 2019. In June 2020, MOM Art Space in Hamburg showed her personal exhibition 'The 3rd of June', reflecting both political events in Khartoum before the Khartoum massacre, as well as images of people living under the former Sudanese government. In 2021, she was featured among other contemporary Sudanese photographers in the French book Soudan 2019, année zéro.
>IG: @eythar_gubara_

Ibrahim Aljrefawi
A Sudanese writer, content creator and filmmaker based in Germany. He continues to study film in Hamburg Media School  as Documentary filmmaker. Ibrahim is cofounder of Work cultural group which is one of the very active cultural groups in Khartoum.  Ibrahim won different film prices and awards  from DDF and South Africa independent filmmakers networks, he also have a different articles about Sudan revolution , art and cultural sense  purplished  in many local and international media outlets and digital news papers.
>IG: @aljrefawi


Album Cover / Poster design by Israa M. Ali


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8.Oktober 2021
19:00 - 22:00


Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland