In this OyoUniverse episode, we talked to Alexey Kochetkov about his history with Oyoun before and after the Curators* Lab, the Lockdown Residency, about the socio-economic discrepancies in the globalized world and his emotional experience of the endless wars going on across the world, as well as about the social impact of art and the power of social media.

Alexey Kochetkov a violinist, music producer, and composer who challenges the ostensible border between the acoustic and the electronic and thereby questioning the classical norms of Eurocentric aesthetics.

Check out Alexey’s new piece of sound work “(self)care wor(l)d” created as part of Oyoun’s Lockdown Residency.


Host: Dami Choi
Guest(s): Alexey Kochetkov (@5.string.theory)
Post-production: Nadia Hamdan (IG: @nadzhamzz), Khadija Alamin  (IG: @khadijasound)
Music: Nathan Bernier (IG: @kutnathan)