a’21: Decolonizing Knowledge and Ignorance #1: Critical approach to decolonization of the Arts_Kounaktif

:: ABOUT THIS EVENT (EN/AR) :: Decolonizing Knowledge/Ignorance is beginning from the many, it's thinking in terms of networks, flows and intensities. It's relating to each other horizontally beyond any power/organizational structure. Abdeslam Ziou Ziou, researcher in arts, will tackle the subject from the prism of arts, by giving his approach to decolonization in the [...]

a’21: Art-based research: new protocols in action_Relais Culture Europe

:: ABOUT THIS EVENT (EN/AR) :: Starting from the consideration that there are no precise boundaries delimiting what is art-based research, we would like to put into discussion such an emerging practice in the cultural field, by questioning it from the perspective of knowledge production as well as its link to education or generative practices. [...]