Muse, Folded

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32, Berlin

Muse, Folded is a group exhibition of a collective experimental art project shared between seven artists. The title refers to the act of folding a letter in order to put [...]

Eindrücke / Impresiones – Ausstellung

Oyoun Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32, Berlin

¿Dónde quedan grabadas nuestras impresiones?¿Cuáles permanecen a través del tiempo y no son visibles? Intersecciones y capas de archivos migratorios y de exilio que revelan otras miradas sobre la cultura [...]


Reading Group: Black Feminism(s) x Palestine


A twice-monthly online reading and discussion group curated and facilitated by Action Research collective (artists and researchers Izdihar Afyouni and melissandre varin) as part of the programme for the Except [...]