Reverse to oneself: meditation, connection to the self and healing.


Childhood in different cultures has shown Nane Kahle infinite possibilities of bodily communication. Since the life in the city has begun, the need to connect to the self has emerged in her. Nane continues to explore the ancient knowledge of nature, remedy and spirit in which her art practices find vivid inspirations. Listen to her experiences of collective healing.


Nane Kahle is an artist, curator, healer and Yogi who works with human bodies, music and various artistic media. Her works invite and enlarge the spirituality of individuals, while creating a room for an artistic as well as social solidarity with fellow artists. She is one of the curators and presenters of Cult ‚Sup‘.

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IG: @nanekahlesound

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Host: Dami Choi

Guest: Nane Kahle

Post-production: Khadija Alamin

Music: Nathan Bernier

Produced by:

IG/FB: @oyounberlin