Out Of Time Embassy (OOTE)

Out Of Time Embassy (OOTE) is a multicultural group of curators producing conversation and curiosity about art and culture in Berlin. OOTE embodies an international unity for seemingly disparate worlds, building bridges and creating safe spaces for expression to be cultivated and nurtured. Together, they produce outdoor pop up concerts such as Sonic In(ter)ventions and artist led workshops such as Ancestral Body Noise. OOTE has collaborated with organizations such as Oyoun, Onebeat, Cabuwazi, and Alex TV and has plans to produce work in 2021 with the support of Musicboard Berlin.

“The collective emerged out of a pure necessity to create and build community. Microcosms of the local and immigrant scenes in Berlin connected, trying to heal a state of internal angst in response to global mess. A weekly ritual [Sonic In(ter)ventions] organically curated itself; passions and skills synthesized and the community building ideology manifested as a sustainable collective.”