Open Call · CURATORS* LAB 2022

Co-Kurator*innen: Ragil Huda, arjunraj + Dami Choi

Design: Steph Mazagg
  • What role does curation play in deepening our practices and producing knowledge?
  • How do we open ourselves to various forms of learning through curation?
  • How to empower the self by centering our own lived experiences within curation?

Curators* Lab invites emerging queer BIPOC curators, artists, activists, thinkers, academics, and cultural practitioners to come together to better understand the significant roles of curation as a tool for social movements and knowledge-production outside of the museum and ivory-tower of academia. 

Through this platform, we are committed to continuing our work with the queer BIPOC community to practice co-creating, co-curating, and distributing knowledge in the community; for example, through sessions on Navigating Queer Curation and Praxis, Comradeship as Praxis workshop, TRANSCENTERED – Leaving No One Behind, and Process as Collective. Here, we invite participants with their existing skill sets to expand their practices into motions beyond the confined traditional curation.



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Curators* Lab will consist of four intensive yet intimate sessions led by artists, activists, and academic curators. The sessions are designed to facilitate and provide an immersive mentorship and knowledge-exchange experience through which fellows will be encouraged to share, learn, and work their ideas alongside our mentors and fellow participants.

Here, we will collectively explore the research processes and various curation forms deeply rooted in queer radical politics, anti-racist work, anti-imperialist, and anti-colonial works transcending the Western canon.

Understanding curation from the standpoints of queer politics, intersectionality, and critical race theory subverts the dominant cultural narratives that shape our practices. With the Curators* Lab, we aim at strategically re-shaping, re-envisioning, and rethinking curation concepts to create new possibilities.


  • Curators* Lab is a paid fellowship, and we will provide each participant with 500 Euros. 
  • In this year’s Curators* Lab, we will be selecting four participants for the workshop in September.
  • This year’s program will take place in person at Oyoun.
  • This program is for queer BIPOC only.
  • One of our program’s aims is to build a community through knowledge sharing and engagement. Due to this, it is obligatory to attend all the sessions. Therefore, please only apply if you can attend and commit to the entire program. We want the OCL to be low-pressure for the participants; therefore, no ‘end-results’ or work production is required. However, we encourage participants to pass the knowledge and skills they acquire to their respective communities.
  • English is the primary working language. However, if requested, we can provide a German translation.


Interested applicants are invited to submit brief expressions of interest and CV here.



Monday, 05.09.2022 

Process as Collective facilitated by Abhijan Toto, 10 am – 2 pm 

DAY 2 

Tuesday, 06.09.2022 

Comradeship as Praxis, 10 am – 2 pm 

DAY 3 

Wednesday, 07.09.2022

Queer Curation and Praxis facilitated by J. Daniel Luther, 10 am – 2 pm 

DAY 4 

Thursday, 08.09.2022

TRANSCENTERED – Leaving No One Behind by Sanni Est, 10 am – 2 pm 


Curators* Lab is kindly supported by Stiftung Pfefferwerk and the British Council