Between Identities: From Roots to Wisdom


Between Identities: From Roots to Wisdom

In a world of globalization and migration, where do I belong to?

They say that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, and through this workshop Maryse and Johanna, will guide you through the journey of discovering our own identities. Using a de-colonial perspective the workshop will question how the world around us defines people’s paths towards their own identity. Using individual visions and combining them, Maryse, Johanna and the participants will build the tree of identities, the Arbol of Ubumwe, where all of your stories come together to represent diversity, inclusiveness and togetherness.

Maryse is a burundian student in clinical psychology, she also works in the field of community development as a project facilitator where she gets to be in touch with people from discriminated groups and minorities and helps them to create and run small businesses, become financially independent and take care of their families. Johanna took a long turn through studying literature to working in supermarkets, hostels, bakeries, cafés, until she could become a full-time storyteller. Now she tells fairy tales, myths and legends from all over to adults and children. Maryse and Johanna met each other through the Kulturweit Tandem-program, and found one thing in common despite their different working environments: bringing people together!

This workshop is open to a total of 12 people of all backgrounds, ages and genders. If you are interested in participating in the workshop please answer the following questions Why are you interested in participating? and if you’re comfortable: What is the story behind your name? and send them to johanna(at)


15.06.2023, 18:30 h, doors open 18:00 h, duration 2,5 hours

Registration open until 14.06.2023

Part of the Kulturweit Tandem-Programm sponsored by deutsche UNESCO-Kommission