Open Call  

Ascension – Intimate Bodies Forbidden Stories

with Maiada Aboud

Dear womxn fighters,

I want to invite you to audition for Ascension – intimate bodies forbidden stories: a play, which speaks about my story, your story, our stories. Maybe this is also your way to voice your pain.

Ascension is a play about the secretive aspects of femininity and menstruation. The play aims at engaging participants with a community project in order to reflect on equal rights issues and social change. The project will explore menstruation, taboos, and identity from all potential directions such as historical scopes, political, embodied, cultural, religious, social, health, and artistic concerns.

We are looking for womxn who are interested to take part in workshop series dealing with femininity and pain, which will potentially lead to a final outcome of a theatre play (one-hour performance).

About the artist
Dr. Maiada Aboud‘s work deals with ways that social and religious structures interconnect and influence the individual. Born in Palestine (Arab Israeli), graduated from Haifa University, and received her education in the UK: Masters at Coventry University, and PhD at Sheffield Hallam University. Her studies attempt to connect the social cultural analysis to the individual‘s experience by way of using performance and relating it to cultural and social life. The intention is to link personal performances to cultural identities. (Visit her website for more information) 

Key themes
Gender, menstruation, femininity vs. masculinity, objectivity vs. subjectivity, performance as therapy, endurance art, decolonizing the body, cultural identity.

Workshops / rehearsals
The workshops/rehearsals will start in January 2021 and will provide a safer space to communicate femininity, pain, therapy, and collective engagement and discussions with other women. Throughout the project, you will have the opportunity to engage with presentations and online conferences/debates about gender issues and taboos. Nevertheless, the project aims at building a community debate around those taboos and forbidden corners of the body. Depending on people’s preferences, the workshops will either be in person at Oyoun or online sessions.

Auditions: 1.12.2020 – 31.12.2020 at Oyoun or online
Call back: from 1.1.2020
Workshops/Rehearsals: 1-2 hours/week, 10.1.2020 – 30.2.2020 at Oyoun in Berlin
Compensation: For the performance, there will be a one-off payment of €100.
Production: Dr. Maiada Aboud in collaboration with Oyoun


Answer the call
If you are interested in auditioning, please send an email to Maiada Aboud: drmaiadaaboud (at)

**Deadline = 31.12.20**

This project is part of Oyoun’s ongoing curatorial focus: EMBODIED TEMPORALITIES.