Fellowship of Questions

Welcome to the Fellowship of Questions – a joint project by five different organisations that was started during the pandemic. We invite people to ask questions which concerns them, from their own local conditions. Not every question has to be answered necessarily, but the idea is to open up dialogues and debates.

At the moment, we are in the middle of developing a website which will serve as a virtual world where anyone can explore through the streams of questions (and no answers).

Reach out to us, if you are interested to participate in the project in any form! > hallo@oyoun.de

Matt Walsh


With the Fellowship of Questions we want to bring people together, embracing new circumstances and encouraging people to reflect on them critically, expressing their concerns, dilemmas, fears, questions and sharing them with others, because we all have them. The Fellowship of Questions wants to build bridges by using methods of inquiry, while working together with local groups, through the creation of a shared online space that celebrates the power and liberation of asking questions as a response, questions that seek deeper and beyond existing boundaries, rather than the binary framework of responding to every question with an answer, with a black-and-white opinion. The Fellowship of Questions is a space where complexity is valued rather than feared. In this uncertain period we want to show people they are not alone and that we can still help each other without giving immediate answers but by deepening our questions throughout new connections.

Working together on a pan-European level with different participants, from different countries and backgrounds, we want to encourage people to be more aware and sensitive of local and global issues, of the problems that we share instead of the artificial differences that tear us apart.

We are open to YOUR participation. If you have any idea which you would like to realize with the Fellowship of Questions, please reach out to us. Oyoun is the point of contact for the people who are based in Germany.

This project is funded by European Cultural Foundation and Allianz Stiftung.


IG: @fellowshipofquestions

IG – Participating organisation:

@_vizantrop_ (Serbia)

@union_activism (UK)

@oyounberlin (Germany)

@forumapulum (Romania)

@elwarcha_lisboa (Portugal)

funded by @europeanculturalfoundation and @allianz