Israel, Palestine, Germany and the Doppelgänger Effect: On transnational solidarity, free speech and colonialism

Organised by Oyoun on 16 December 2023 | Via zoom

With Naomi Klein, Beth Miller and Sara Grossman.

In this conversation, Naomi Klein together with Beth Miller and Sara Grossman will join us for an exploration of the ways Israeli ethnonationalism is a double of the European nationalism that oppressed Jews, the dangers of a specific kind of trauma-forged identity politics as they play out in Israel, and efforts to combat the crackdown on arts and free speech in North America.

This event was part of the Threads of Resilience Festival

Given the current situation and urgency to express, we decided to co-organise a community-led and collectively curated 3-day festival “Threads of Resilience” from 14-16 December at Oyoun.Those include a press conference, bazaar, panels, film screening, talks, exhibition, workshops, concerts, healing session, theater, puppet show for children, and parties. With this festival, we want to reflect on and learn from movements of resistance, resilience, and solidarity across the world and come together for three days of ephemerality and collaborative archiving. We want to address and speak out against repression, silencing, instrumentalisation, and division. We need to continue to empower, promote, and celebrate pluralistic perspectives from, with, and intersectionally marginalised communities.Admission is based on free donation (nobody will be denied entry if they cannot donate). All proceeds will be given to organizations in support of victims of racist police violence and to organizations giving legal support to people threatened with deportation.