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We Want the Sky – Remembering Sarah Hegazi Three Years Later

10.Juni 2023 14:00 - 22:00

!Content warning: suicide, violence!

This June marks three years since Sarah Hegazi – activist, lesbian, advocate for women’s and queer rights, communist, software developer, sister, and daughter – decided to take her own life. In 2017, Sarah Hegazi was imprisoned after raising a rainbow flag at a Mashrou’ Leila concert in her hometown of Cairo. She was incarcerated and tortured for three months. After her release, she fled to Canada, where she died of suicide two years later.

Sarah Hegazi’s death was felt around the world. On the anniversary of her death, “We Want the Sky“ – a title harking back to her last public words – opens a space for coming together, for grieving, for wailing, for raging, and of course – for looking forward. This day will be dedicated to the mourning of Sarah’s death as well as the celebration of her life. On top of that, this event wants to commemorate the lives and deaths of the countless others lost to state oppression, murderous border regimes, right-wing hate crimes, apartheid systems, and queerphobic violence. 

The event will start at 14:00h, will continue throughout the day and transition into the evening. Between 14:00h and 18:00h , workshops will hold space for politics, art, and movement, followed by a show filled with performances, drag, and music starting at 19:00h

Workshops include: 

14-15:30: Afrofuturism – How to Write Hope by Jamie McGhee

16-18: So What if I’m the Villain? By Queen of Virginity

14-18: Henna and Hangout by Khanom Ayoub

15:30: Speculative tea ceremony by Rza

There will also be a Massage Workshop hosted by Tara Habibzadeh

The show will start at 18:30 h and includes performances by Socha Pütta, Lana Diamond, Bunny B. Blaqq, Shahrzad Sadredini, Enana, Lilith the Quing

Hosted by Angelo Dynamo

The event will take place in English. Simultaneous translations into German, Arabic and Turkish are possible. Please reach out for translations. 

If you want to participate in any of the workshops, please make sure to register: here 

There is no need to register for the show at 18:30h. 

Entry free of charge, donations welcome.


About the organizers 

“We Want the Sky“ is organized and hosted by writer, performer, and Drag King Angelo Dynamo aka Jara Nassar. He/she is interested in boundaries and blurring them. Since 2020, he/she has raised awareness around Sarah Hegazi’s story and aims to create a space for queer grief and celebration; inspired by Glitter&Grief, a memorial event for Zakie Oh.

The event is funded by the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT.


10.Juni 2023
14:00 - 22:00
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Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland
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