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Poetry Meets Soul x Black Love Edition

24.Februar 2023 19:00 - 25.Februar 2023 00:00

The Poetry Meets Series is inviting you to a once in a lifetime experience of breathtaking vocalists and lyrically endowed poets: A very special edition themed Black Love. Indulge yourself into an intimate, meditative and ambient atmosphere encompassing the varying realities and complexities of Black Love with an exquisite acoustic live setting. The Line Up is a remarkable conglomerate of soulful wordsmiths, sensational musicians and nethereal visual storytelling.

With Poetra Asantewa from Ghana, Sierra-Leonean poet brother portrait, Congolese-Ugandan poet Larria, ISH as Special Guest, and French-Senegalese musician anaiis as Main Act, Poetry Meets Soul, hosted by curator and artist Jumoke Adeyanju, offers a magical celebration of Black Love in all its incarnations.


Tickets: Eventbrite

Main Act: anaiis

French-Senegalese artist anaiis is truly a global citizen, growing up between continents, transitioning from Toulouse to Dublin and Dakar before settling in Oakland, California. She studied at Tisch School of Arts in New York before relocating to London to pursue her music career. Her debut offering entitled “Nina" comprised a liberation chant and a reclamation of freedom. anaiis' storytelling showcases a complex and personal journey, her work is self-reflective and created in pursuit of a collective
healing. She’s collaborated with artists such as JulianKnxx, Chronixx, Julien Creuzet, and commissioned work for renowned institutions such as White Cube Gallery, V&A museum, Camden Arts Center and more. Her debut album, "this is no longer a dream"— released in September 2021— explores themes of isolation and disillusionment and forms an inner conversation that flourishes from angst and neurosis to self-affirmation and hope.

Special Guest: ISH

ISH is a young female artist from Bonn, Germany with roots in Guinea, Angola and Portugal, whose music goes straight to the heart. Her Instrumentals range from melodic Lo-Fi that brings you to tears, to funk and house which bring out good vibes to soundtrack the summer, to trappy 808 beats that awaken your inner dancer. She is multilingual and writes soft French poetic love songs, upbeat tunes in English as well as German rap. ISH is not the type of artist you can label, her artistic versatility displays her vivid persona that can not and will not be caged.

Poet: Poetra Asantewa

Poetra Asantewa is a storyteller and a community catalyst. Her work is focused on investigating, revealing, healing or addressing things that affect her community, city, country or the world. She is the founder of Tampered Press – a literary and arts journal for Ghanaians and Africans, and Black Girls Glow, an initiative to foster collaboration among black women creatives. She is the author of “you too will know me” part of the African Poetry Book Fund chapbook collection 2019, and “Woman, eat me whole” published by Ecco.

Website (Black Girls Glow)

Poet: brother portrait

brother portrait is a writer and artist of Sierra Leonean descent - his words falling into form in poetry, prose, travel writing and music. He is a believer in the importance of cultural production, expression and archiving.

Of writing to find and see oneself.

Reading, questioning, talking and listening to fill in blanks. Mining personal and community memories to form a full and puzzling picture, presenting the range and diversity in our collective experience. 

Poet: Larria 

Larria is a Mombasa-born Congolese-Ugandan poet. She verbalizes and visualizes unrecognized emotions and unnamed incidents, letting you in on the cerebral whirlwind of a diasporic mind. Instead of trauma bombing or bonding, her poetic practice attempts holistic connection and community healing. Larria encourages us to transcend and let go of the outer world in order to make room for an understanding within.

She has performed as a Vortex artist on the legendary 'Poetry Meets' stage, immersing the audience into her fascinating lyrical realm. Her poems are uplifting, serene and transcend honest tribulations of living spheres.

Houseband led by Clinton Agu 

Hosted by Jumoke Adeyanju 

With generous support from Berliner Projektfonds für Urbane Praxis.


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24.Februar 2023 19:00
25.Februar 2023 00:00
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