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Panel Talk: The Push And Pull Between The Metropole And Their Inhabitants | THE PATH

18.September 2021 18:30 - 21:00

Panel Talk: with Yelta Köm (moderator), Asli Duru, Banu Çiçek Tülü, Yaşar Adnan Adanalı

Moods of Living | Experiences, Challenges, Hopes

This panel discussion will discuss moods of living, engaging the body and emotions, visual and sensual, urban and beyond. With a special focus on collectivity, urban experience, and inhabitants, the panel offers several contributions on the ways in which we live, work, and even exist together while taking a standpoint of the Path Project.

This will lead the participants to an exploratory space to question how we perceive the moods of an urban experience and our relationship as inhabitants. The panel invites us to think about our daily life and moods and present the contributor's collective experience from Berlin and Istanbul and their suggestions in social, cultural, political, and urban environments.
We are looking forward to seeing you.

Doors Open 18:30 // Event Start 19:00

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Yelta Köm is an architect, artist, and researcher who incorporated architecture, artistic and spatial practices, and curatorial approaches to discuss social and political issues. His work is mainly influenced by the perception of the environment, the image of the city, neoliberal transformations, the tension between nature and technology, and collective movements. Currently, he is a researcher at the Topological Atlas project hosted by TU Delft and a guest lecturer at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences.

Asli Duru is an urban geographer, cultural facilitator, and creative practitioner. Through her work, she aims to expand the knowledge on the embodied ways to understand and transform the spatial configurations of oppressive, exclusionary, discriminatory social relations. Central to this project is developing the tools to navigate the transient spatiality of the body itself as a tech-mediated, emotionally extended and intersectionally vulnerable landscape. These questions so far have energized various research projects in Munich, Istanbul, Oxford, Berlin that interrogated spatial experiences of memory, mobility, violence, and more recently, of the links between urban space and gendered mental health.

Banu Çiçek Tülü is a researcher, artist and DJ with a background in urban design from South-East Turkey based in Berlin. Her academic and artistic interests include participation, public space, sonic environment, acoustic ecology, collective listening, environmental spatial justice, urban activism, intersectional feminism, and interdisciplinary methodologies.


THE PATH: A Participatory Public Art Project
What do we experience in the metropoles of today´s world and what do the metropoles experience? Amidst all the flux of migration, gentrification and rapid urban change is the metropole able to contain us and vice versa? What if the paths we take every day start from nowhere and lead nowhere? Is it a togetherness that we experience or is it an ´otherness´ with a potential? What are the results, alternatives, solutions and what can art´s role be in this process?

THE PATH is a multidisciplinary art project that problematizes the relationship between the metropole and the individual from a queer, feminist point of view. Inspired by the pedestrian bridges over the highways in İstanbul, the participatory public installation at Tempelhofer Feld by Umut Azad Akkel invites the participators to an experience simulating the complex characteristic of our co-existence with/within/despite the metropole. Similarly, the events designed and planned around the conceptual basis of the installation, that will take place at Tempelhofer Feld and at Oyoun will create an experiential and intellectual hub for analyzing our complex being within/with/despite the metropole. The overall perspective of the series of events will be approaching the theme from multiple views and raising critical questions about all its complexity. The focus will be Berlin and Istanbul as two interrelated metropoles and the flux of migration between the two with its implications and possible historical as well as recent meanings.

See full programme of THE PATH here:

The Path project was produced by Oyoun in collaboration with Umut Azad Akkel as artistic director and Şehnaz Layıkel as lead curator. It was funded by the Lotto Stiftung and UdK KKWV.

Please note: To take part in events at Oyoun or visit our exhibitions, you need to have a negative corona test from the same day or proof of vaccination / recovery. FFP2 Masks are mandatory at Oyoun until further notice. Further information about our hygiene concept can be found here:


18.September 2021
18:30 - 21:00
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Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland