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Performance: Mapping stories by Autoplot collective | THE PATH

25.September 2021 16:00 - 19:00

You are invited to take part in an interactive audiowalk by the Autoplot collective. Their project "Mapping stories" are about a playful and accessible installation, a kind of course that deals with questions of identity and its circumstances and tries to make them tangible for as many participants as possible. The focus of the concept is the imagery of the bridge and the map, as well as the basic assumption that people do not appropriate their surroundings, but are in constant exchange with it and leave traces. Traces in the form of stories.

The stories are based on interviews with diverse people living and working in Berlin. The focus of the audiowalk is on opportunities for the participants to meet and to not meet. Together we try to dive into different narratives like stories we tell ourselves (inner narratives), stories we are told (societal narratives, stories we know (cultural narratives), stories we share (familial and community narratives) and hopefully stories to guide us (narratives for the Future).

For participating please take your phone and your earphones with you to enjoy the sound design by Autoplot. In case you forget your device, we have some spare ones for you.'

// Event Start 16:00

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Autoplot is a group with international artists. They are a collective of 5 members who come from different directions (direction, scenography, stage and costume design, music, philosophy) and work together on the concept, the performance and the direction. You are not focused on the goal or the end product, but on the process. They want to develop during the projects and discover new forms through space and sound.



THE PATH: A Participatory Public Art Project

The Path is an interdisciplinary project that problematizes the relationship between metropole and the individual from queer and feminist perspectives. The project consists of an art installation at Tempelhofer Feld, an exhibition at Oyoun, and a series of events at and between both locations. The title of the project originates from Umut Azad Akkel ́s multidimensional artwork with the same title that will be exhibited through the project.

Can the metropole also contain us during the whole migration wave, gentrification, and rapid urban transformation? What if the paths that we walk every day start from nowhere and lead nowhere? Is what we experience a coexistence or an ́otherness ́ with a potential? What are the results, alternatives, solutions, and what can be the role of art in this process?

See the full programme of THE PATH here

The Path project was produced by Oyoun in collaboration with Umut Azad Akkel (IG: @azadonfires) as artist, artistic director, and co-curator, Şehnaz Layıkel (IG: @sehnazlayikel) as co-curator and Pegah Keshmirshekan (IG: @pegah.keshmir) and Ilgaz Yalçınoğlu (IG: @ilgazyalcinoglu) as event coordinators. It was funded by the Lotto Stiftung and UdK KKWV.


Please note: To take part in events at Oyoun or visit our exhibitions, you need to have a negative corona test from the same day or proof of vaccination / recovery. FFP2 Masks are mandatory at Oyoun until further notice. Further information about our hygiene concept can be found here:


25.September 2021
16:00 - 19:00


Tempelhofer Feld
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland Google Karte anzeigen


Oyoun + Collaborator