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THE HACKER | KAUM – Indonesian Alternative Film & Performance Festival

20.August 2021 20:30 - 21:30

The KAUM Indonesian Alternative Performance & Film Festival organised by the Soydivision collective aims to raise underrepresented voices in the Indonesian society on issues related to the environment, the Chinese-Indonesian society, East Indonesia, Feminism, and LGBTQ+. These different topics translate into the categories of the festival: dare to be conscious, dare to be different, dare to be east, dare to be equal, dare to be oneself!

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→ Performance/ 60 min / english

The Hacker is a performance piece by Rotterdam-based musician Bintang Manira Manik and Berlin-based performer Ardian Hartono. In their journey they revisit different destinations expressed through sound and movement. Through this process they explore new perspectives on the meaning of identity, home and belonging, inspired by the artists´ versatile biographies. Fact-meets-fiction in a fresh interpretation that highlights the audio samples from the festivals´ artworks into a live happening through dance and music. A mind hack about becoming wholesome.

Bintang Manira Manik is a multi-instrumentalist focusing on hand percussion from Bandung, Indonesia. Growing up in a visual & performing arts family, in a non profit cultural center, Jendela Ide, he started to play music at the age of nine. Practicing Djembe, Latin Percussion and Kendang Sunda an authentic percussion instrument from Indonesia. Recently finishing his 3 years scholarship under Indian Council of Cultural Relation (ICCR) at Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi, India, majoring in Tabla and learned Dhrupad vocal and Tuvan throat singing.

He has been encountered with musician coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, through workshops and residencies and become enamored with world music. Receiving Yamaha Music Award in Asia for his multi percussion composition & solo performance at the age of 17. Composed some electro ambient music combined with percussion. Developed and worked in collaboration with a Sundanese traditional progressive rock group Sound of Hanamangke - Indonesia and a world music group Trippy Sama - India. Conceiver and music director of Raag of Javadwipa and Cakravala Mandala Dvipantara, which trace the history and cultural relation of Indonesian music.

Beside creatively creating music and working in collaboration with choreographers, theater directors and visual artist, at the culture center developed by the family, he teaches percussion for kids, include special needs.

Berlin based artist Ardian Hartono (born in Bogor Indonesia 1979) thrives in the space between. It is the intersection of energy and tension, spontaneity and purpose, self-expression and service, the spiritual and the elemental. As a performer his passion – the essence of life itself – is cultivating the unpredictable. His exploration of body communication has led him to many places, cultures, teachings and experiences. The self-described teleporter has spent decades diving into dance, theatre, somatic work and martial arts. Every mentor, collaborator or creation a waypoint on his journey of awakening, encapsulating his fascination for storytelling, ritualism, symbolism and mysticism. He has performed in various stages such as the Theatre Schaubühne and HAU in Berlin, Museum der Moderne in Munich and the Grand Theatre of Luxemburg, and as well performed in various motion pictures as an actor and a dancer.


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Funded by: #TakePart funding program by Fonds Darstellende Künste 

Partners: Queer Asia, European Solidarity Corps, In-Docs, Minikino, Jakarta Feminist


20.August 2021
20:30 - 21:30


Lucy-Lameck-Staße 32
Berlin, 12049 Deutschland


Oyoun + Collaborator