Critical fabulations with Kopano Maroga

Ancestral Body Noise x OyoUniverse

OyoUniverse brings sonic explorations of orbits from within and around. 
Featuring Ancestral Body Noise participants Nane Khale, Astaan KA, Kechou (Kerim Malik Becker), Beverly “KöTA WALi” Renekouzou and research curator, Gugulethu Duma (Dumama).

This second episode, Myth Making: An Ancestor’s Body Howls, is the second podcast workshop for the Ancestral Body Noise process. Embodied practitioner and cultural worker, Qondiswa James shares her wisdom and experiences regarding the nuance, intensity and depth of navigating ancestral callings within white Cape Town institutions in her post-colonial cultural worker praxis. After an inspired sharing of histories, identities and biographies, Qondiswa guides the collective on a journey of myth making, stamping, releasing, deep breathing while learning to arrive with our entire bodies. We explore what it means to see with our hands, touch with our minds and return to the primal place to listen from the core. The remarkable performers surrender to the intensity and tenderness of Qondiswa’s facillitation – and share reflections honestly. This episode is full of breath, body sound, soundscapes and technology as we collectively explore the poetics of the political imagination as Afro-diaspora practitioners in Berlin in ritual with a practitioner in Cape Town.

Facilitators: Duduetsang Lamola (@blk.banaana),Qondiswa James (@blkgrl.radikl), Adriana Jamisse (@ajamisse), Yandhe Sallah Muhammed (@rivoltasata) and Kopano Maroga (@kopano.maroga)
Graphic Designer: Duduetsang Lamola (@blk.banaana) 

More Announcement + Artists will be introduced in the course of the process. 

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* This project is part of Oyoun‘s curatorial focus “EMBODIED TEMPORALITIES”

The program sets to investigate the embodied memories and identities through diasporic and gender-critical perspectives. The body emerges as a changing relationship and at the same time unfolds as an ethical horizon and challenge for the (un)making of the self, identity, and belonging. “Embodied Temporalities’ will unravel the possibilities by the means of the language of art while exploring and diversifying collaborations through intersectional, anti-fascist, and decolonial perspectives.