a talk with Lora Krasteva and Claire Gilbert

Becoming Alman: Podcast

In this new episode of OyoUniverse, the podcast produced by Oyoun, we get to welcome Lora Krasteva – cultural producer, activist and lead artist of Becoming Alman – as well as the producer of the project Claire Gilbert. Together, we talk about how Lora found her way into the arts, what it’s like to be a migrant artist, criticism and Belonging.


“Belonging is that process of being yourself, in all your pieces in one place or at least living that fantasy, that you are. Being seen, being heard. And not having to check half of yourself at the door because you have to conform or assimilate.” – Lora Krasteva

Lora Krasteva is a Bulgarian artist living in Sheffield, UK. Her experiences of migration in six different countries and her recent realizations from applying for British citizenship have led her to this project.
Lora is part of Global Voices Theatre, a theater company dedicated to bringing international theater to the UK by long-excluded creatives. She creates socially engaged theater with professionals and other community members alike. She has worked with Arts & Homelessness International to advocate for a place for creativity in homelessness services. Lora is a member of What Next? and a founding member of Migrants in Theatre, a movement that advocates for better representation of first generation immigrants on and off stage.

Claire Gilbert is an Essex based independent arts producer, who has worked in several international tours and productions for Barbican Centre, Royal Court, the National Theatre and more. She is also a company producer for BEZNA Theatre and has extensive experience working arts of social change.


Host: Gisèle Moro

Guests: Lora Krasteva, Claire Gilbert 

Post-production: Linda Hamoui 

Produced by: Oyoun