A Skeleton of What Used to Be 

Nané Kahle & GodXXX Noirphiles 

What does it mean to create art in a moment in time where physical human interaction must be limited? We live in a moment where being breathed upon could trigger extreme illness. Touching someone can be fatal. 

Thus we are thrust into a period of isolation where the mundane is relied upon to bring us joy and hope. How do artists who create live shared spacial installations continue their craft when sharing physical space has been forbidden?

Online video gathering is now the normal way of sharing community, exhibition and installation. It has become a key element in artistic collaborations. Through online video gatherings we do our best to transfer the feelings we get when we are in the same room as the person on the screen. We do our best to work through technical interruptions and difficulties. We do this so possibilities such as work, new friendships, collaborations, and projects which are produced through interaction can be maintained.

However, it is still only a skeleton of what used to be. Now we are able to create a world of performance without actually being present. 

This is our unavoidable “New Normal.” Nané and GodXXX Noirphiles are both audio and visual artists whose work thrived in the arena of public shared space. Within the realm of the ‘new normal’ they will collaborate in a way that reflects the conditions of our times and present the skeleton of what used to be. Through a video call gathering they invite an audience to gather around their online video call installation. The installation holds messages of healing, joy, memory,wind reflection in clickable objects meticulously placed throughout the space. You’ll find images and videos containing lockdown information, self care, powerful figures and poignant moments during our lockdown. 

We explore distortion through the very act of turning a video call into a performance, the performance into a video call, creating a synchronized shared environment while existing in separate spaces, while simultaneously not being present when the launch is over and the space remains.