a musical documentary performance on the soundtracks of war

With UN:IMAGINABLE this year we were able to co-produce an extraordinary theater work that arose from the lived reality of trauma, war, exclusion and exile. Together with the Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company Rwanda and the Sarajevo War Theater Bosnia-Herzegovina, we invited to the world premiere of the play and supporting program at the Oyoun in May. Transnational, documentary music theater has explored different forms of healing in the context of repeating history, war, genocide - particularly that of the 1990s in Rwanda and the Balkans - and life in the diaspora. The play premiered at the Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Kigali in July.

In this post we present you the aftermovies from the performances in Berlin (Video 1) and Kigali (Video 2).


Concept, direction, text: Hope Azeda
Concept, composition: Konstantin Dupelius
Concept, composition, text: Nedim Zlatar
Text: Benjamin Bajramovic, Tete Loeper
Costumes: Justine Loddenkemper
Dramaturgy & script: Emina Omerović

Performances: Benjamin Bajramović, Snežana Bogićević, Konstantin Dupelius, Peace Jolis, Moise Mutangana, Jihadi Niyonkuru, Leonardo Šarić, Donia Sbika, Adolatha Uwineza, Nedim Zlatar

Workshops, Digital Library: Yves Mdagano, Francois Byemba, Marc Ngabo, Arthur Kisitu, Landry Nguetsa, Yannick Ndoli:

Production Management: Ihisa Theresa Adelio
Production Assistance: Innocent Munyeshuri
Fundraising: Nina Martin, Sophia Schmidt
Curated by Louna Sbou

Video Credit:

Caio de Siervi Barcellos: Videographer and the Editor
Rory Seth Bernickow: Videographer


Performance "I see you - you see me" by Asmaa Sbou & Senait Sebhatleab (Curator*s LAB 2021) 

Credits: David Kwizera
Production, Poem: Louna Sbou
Funded by: KSB Turn2 and AA

David Kwizera 

Filmed by
Amani Hatangimana
Blaise Tuyishime
Clement Mugisha

Addition images
David Kwizera 

Editing + color grading + mixage
David Kwizera

Secret Dream by Eliche Remblon | @storyblocks