Our Work

Oyoun conceives, develops and implements artistic-cultural projects through decolonial, queer * feminist and migrant perspectives.

Here you can find an overview of our selected projects.

rongin shagor / রঙিন সাগর

Based on a poem by Afro-German poet May Ayim, Oyoun's new artistic intervention "rongin shagor" reflects on cultures of remembrance by exploring the reflective and generative threads of cultural formations that lie in the senses of the oppressed body...

Becoming Alman

Physical artefacts, mixed media and performance - in this artistic field of tension, the Bulgarian artist Lora Krasteva invites you to a performative exhibition with "Becoming Alman", which revolves around the topic of citizenship.



Mightier than a trampled flower

Mightier than a Trampled Flower is a testimony for women* in wars against marginalizing historiography.

We Should All Be Dreaming

WE SHOULD ALL BE DREAMING is a concept that focuses on the radical potential of dreaming as a restorative and subversive practice. Activists Sonya Lindfors and Maryan Abdulkarim invited participants to spend time together, to listen and dream together.

Fugitive Archives

Fugitive Archives explores questions about alternative media and ontologies of queer archives that challenge the dominant narratives of BiPOC queer stories.

Embodied Temporalities - On Tour

Escapism Main Image Landscape


With ESCAPISM, Oyoun opened a platform for an artistic and sociocritical experiment, connecting virtual and physical space through digital interaction and affective learning.


The Oyoun was part of the interdisciplinary art project "The PATH", which problematized the relationship between the metropolis and the individual from a queer and feminist perspective.

Tour 2021

We invited our curators * to create group work with one another, starting from the bold assumption that there are common, overlapping areas of interest that can take on a new form when worked on by a collective rather than by individuals.
Curatorial focus

Embodied Temporalities

Curators, artists and cultural workers deal with identities, belonging and embodied memories from diasporic, decolonial and queer perspectives. A research, archiving, exhibition and performance project that involves over 40 people.
art technology thought

a'21 Techno Utopia x Post-Digital Ignorance

The two-month festival brings together over 60 artists and activists from North and West Africa, West Asia and Germany in a decentralized, networked and radically collaborative space on the subject of post-digital ignorance.
Lockdown residency

"What does self care mean to you?"

“What does self care mean for you?” - we asked the artists and cultural workers of the Oyoun Curators * Lab - and thus brought the Lockdown Residency to life.

Cartographies of Affect - in the queer & now

A liturgy of art and the medium, an intense and anti-disciplinary journey through queer migration, including a Bukhurr and Chikhat performance by trans, queer and non-binary people practicing indigenous rituals while telling their stories.
Open Call


An open call for concept ideas during the first lockdown to create and implement new formats that make it possible to support artists and make art and culture (beyond the live stream) accessible - even in the independence of physical spaces.