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More than a house

Oyoun conceives, develops and implements artistic-cultural projects through decolonial, queer * feminist and migrant perspectives.

Oyoun creates space for critical discussion, reflective experimentation and radical solidarity. Thanks to its diverse cultural offerings, Oyoun is a hub for the production of culture and knowledge. The non-profit cultural centre sees itself as an inter- and anti-disciplinary platform for newly emerging approaches between and from the fields of fine arts, performance art, theatre, literature, dance, music, new media, socio-culture, education and much more.

At the beginning of 2020, the non-profit Kultur NeuDenken UG took over the 3500 m² cultural institution at Lucy-Lameck-Str 32, Berlin Neukölln.

Oyoun carries out socio-cultural and artistic projects that highlight neurodiverse and class-critical perspectives throughout Berlin and internationally, with the aim of creating an intersectional platform for excellent diasporic, migrant and international art and culture, a place for an artistic dialogue about locally, nationally and internationally relevant topics.

For Oyoun, intersectionality is a crucial guiding principle and a lived practice that can be found in the artistic and socio-cultural program. In this program, different realities of life and their artistic and cultural forms of expression are empowered and made visible.

Our little dictionary:

Here we explain our constantly developing understanding of the core terms and values ​​that shape and accompany our artistic-cultural and socio-cultural work and way of thinking.

Queer * feminist

Although this term explicitly includes queer people, it goes beyond designating minorities in the area of ​​gender identity and sexual orientation. Feminism, which focuses on equality between men and women, excludes gender identities far from binary normativity, excludes trans people and ignores the serious problems of patriarchy, which also include racism, classism and a culture of violence.


This notion forms a framework that takes into account the systemic character in which oppressive politics affect the lives of formerly colonized and racialized people. Calling for an examination of the oppressive narratives rooted in colonial practices, it brings the voices and narratives of these oppressed peoples to the fore in this reappraisal.


A migrant perspective in Germany recognises and celebrates the skills, capacities and self-confidence of members of migrant communities, including asylum seekers and people with a refugee background. We work to raise the voices of migrants and to guarantee and promote their representation in artistic, cultural and public life.


Oyoun family

Get to know our team. We look forward to your message (firstname@oyoun.de)!

Yodit Gebreheneras (she/her)
Equal Treatment Representative, Team Production and Fellowship

Thuong Dang (she/her)

Tina Groneberg (maternity leave, she/her) 
Team Outreach

Tariq Bajwa (he/him)
Head of Communication

Stefan Krüger (he/him)
Head of House Technician

Sophia Schmidt (any pronoun)
Team Fundraising and HR

Schihas Laabich (she/her)
IHK Trainee

Rebecca Odewole (she/they)
Project coordination Tiny Oyounity

Nora Roho (she/her)
Head of Production and Administration

Nina Martin (she/they/any pronoun)
Co-founder, Associate, Head of Fundraising & Socio-Culture

Nicola Reisser (she/her)
Team Communication 

Mithra Nezhad (she/her)
Creative Technologist

Madhumita Nandi (she/they)
Artistic co-director

Louna Sbou (she/they)
CEO, Artistic Director and Co-Founder

Lara Chahal (she/her)
Team Production

Ihisa Theresa Adelio (she/her)
Co-founder, Associate, Project Management

Hatice Tahtali (she/her)
Team Production

Gregor Dühr (he/him)
Equal Treatment Representative, Antisemitism Expert, Team Production

Everston Freudenreich (he/him)
Event technology 

Dami Choi (she/they)
Curatorial team, management assistant & artistic direction

Bettina Bender (she/her)
Team Communication 

Arjunraj (no pronouns)
Head of Digital Media Production

Adam Sbou (he/him)
Team Production

Alejandro Pelzer (he/him) | Paul Räther (he/him)
Domestic engineering team, research

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Our society is a pluralistic assembly. Many different interests meet and are often found in between. Democracy has to be renegotiated every day - but always on one condition: it is about everyone, everyone * being the essence of the many possibilities!

It's about everyone. Art remains free!

Today we understand art and its institutions, museums, theatres, studios, clubs and urban places as open spaces that belong to many.

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