As employees at Oyoun, we strive to create a friendly environment that is sensitive to discrimination. This applies both to our cooperation with each other and to contact and dealing with external parties/guests of the house. The Code of Conduct is intended to provide a common basis for this, it is our consensus on the values ​​we represent.
It also serves as a guide to action. In this function, he supports all employees in aligning their behavior with binding standards and provides information about what behavior we expect from our colleagues and what we do not have to accept.
The Code of Conduct also includes the consequences for behavior that violates our consensus.

At events
In Oyoun, as an interdisciplinary and anti-disciplinary platform, we want discriminated and marginalized groups to be able to meet in a Safe(r) Space. give. This means that only employees who belong to the respective community group are present or present at external as well as internal events that take place explicitly only for community groups.

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The entire Code of Conduct is there here.

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