a’21: Sustainability and Resource Mobilisation_Ouafa Belgacem

► a'21: Sustainability and Resource Mobilisation :: ABOUT THIS EVENT (EN/AR) :: The workshop will introduce participants to the notion of sustainability vs fundraising. The speaker will share with the attendees basics of sustainable resources mobilisation strategy. :: BIO :: Ouafa is an expert in cultural and creative projects fundraising. She is also a researcher [...]

a’21: Slap of the century__Shahraban

► a'21: Slap of the century__Shahraban This event is a panel discussion. :: ABOUT THIS EVENT (EN/AR) :: Shahraban is an open space for knowledge and experimentation includes a library and a Lab, based in “Boday” a small village in Baalbek, , its goal is to share knowledge to produce different knowledges, it is an [...]

a’21: Needle hole and cannabis leftover_Shahraban

► a’21: Needle hole and cannabis leftover by Shahraban* A documentation of local productions from Lebanese leftover cannabis to fresh milk, and more. A philosophical process fusing traditional practice with new media elements. :: ABOUT THIS EVENT (EN/AR) :: Needle hole is a series of four events, each events title is a product from the [...]