Oyoun is pleased to support Cult‘Sup‘s 6th Edition – a virtual Journey throughout December. Every week, 1 of 4 parts is being introduced. This week we present part two: ‘Sooth moves Smooth’ with Katerinha. 

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is a Macedonian artist living and working in Berlin. This wonderful singer/song-writer started her career as a booker and artist manager in the live music scene in Berlin but apart from being active in the business and applied side of arts, Katerinha dealt with the creation of her own music from a young age, which motivated her to intensively explore her sound and style as an author and performer. 

She plays bass, guitar, sings, is also a great DJ and is now releasing her first solo music. She is currently working on the final production of her debut EP, whose songs will be released as singles individually within a year. Katerinha is active in several projects focused on the new jazz, soul and r’n’b scene in Berlin.

Ziggy Zeitgeist  on the drums and Chili Dilek on the vocals are also on stage with Katerinha to support her beautiful sound. Exocé Kasongo and Astan Meyer hosts in Cult’Sup’, offer a little dance performance on Katerinha’s first single Trippin.



Katerinha is also the manager of the exciting jazz newcomer Àbáse who will accompany her on stage for Cult’Sup’6. The latter released his stunning debut EP in 2019, combining Afrobeat, Moroccan and West African music with Jazz and Hip Hop. Àbáse also produced most of Katerinha’s upcoming music (Including her debut “Trippin”) and the two artists are blending each others visions very tastefully.

Besides managing another artist, Katerinha is one of the bookers at a small concert venue in Berlin with an incredibly diverse programme. Katerinha hopes to contribute to the development of the new jazz and soul scene in Berlin. She’s thriving to bring this music to be more present in the Berlin clubs and together with her friends tries to bring this scene into a spotlight for promoters. She herself is involved in promoting local parties and playing DJ sets and is currently producing a small documentary series about this scene.

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Cult’ Sup’ (Culture Supply)

…is an exploration of African culture, afro descendants, afro futurism culture and of course the world. The concept is to share afro rooted art, music, painting, photography, dance, poetry, any kind of exhibition, storytelling, fashion, knowledge and every kind of artistic performance. We aim to connect different communities together and always remind that we are one and all coming from the same place. Get together through the medium of art and knowledge.

SUPPORT THE ARTISTS via Paypal: culturesupplyberlin@gmail.com