Open Call  

The Path – A Participatory Public Art Project

Umut Azad Akkel + Şehnaz Layıkel

During The Path Project, there will be a number of music performances and performance art shows taking place (September 9 – October 8). One music and one performance art show will be selected through this open call. For this, we invite all the interested artists/artist initiatives/those who have relevant music and performance art projects that fit the general concept of the project. The selected performances and shows will be shared with the audience in Berlin towards the end of September and will be awarded with a honorarium. 

If you want to be part of The Path, please send a pdf file that shortly describes your project and yourself (max. 1 page description of the project, 1 page short bio) to

We are excited to hear about your projects. The deadline for submission of the applications is September 20.

About the project: 

What do we experience in the metropoles of today’s world and what do the metropoles experience? Amidst all the flux of migration, gentrification and rapid urban change is the metropole able to contain us and vice versa? What if the paths we take every day start from nowhere and lead nowhere? Is it a togetherness that we experience or is it an ´otherness´ with a potential? What are the results, alternatives, solutions and what can art’s role be in this process? 

´The Path` is a multidisciplinary art project that problematizes the relationship between the metropole and the individual from a queer, feminist point of view.  Inspired by the pedestrian bridges over the highways in İstanbul, the participatory public installation at Tempelhofer Feld by Umut Azad Akkel invites the participators to an experience simulating the complex characteristic of our co-existence with/within/despite the metropole. Similarly, the events designed and planned around the conceptual basis of the installation, that will take place at Tempelhofer Feld and at Oyoun will create an experiential and intellectual hub for analyzing our complex being within/with/despite the metropole. The overall perspective of the series of events will be approaching the theme from multiple views and raising critical questions about all its complexity. The focus will be Berlin and İstanbul as two interrelated metropoles and the flux of migration between the two with its implications and possible historical as well as recent meanings.  There will be an artist talk, artist walks between Oyoun and the installation, an exhibition, panel discussions, film screenings, music performances, performance and theater shows within the scope of the program.  


Who can apply:

Artists or collectives


How to apply:

If you want to be part of ´The Path`, please send a pdf file shortly describing your project and yourself (max. 1 page description of the project, 1 page short bio) to

The deadline for submission of the applications is September 20th.


Get in touch via email if you have any questions: