We are looking for five artists/designers/makers, who would be interested in creating interactive work as part of a group project.

The end product will allow visitors to journey through the stories you are telling based on the identity and choices of the user. The resulting experience will be determined by the identity of the player and how they react to the choices prompted.

We hope the game enables artists to set rule parameters and terms of engagement for the themes they are working with.

Each artist will be given the resources to design and produce an interactive piece which will then be contextualised within a group showing.


**This is a paid opportunity**


Who can apply

  • This open call is aimed at QTIBPOC artists working in Berlin
  • There may also be the possibility for QTIBPOC artists to participate remotely.


Timeframe & requirements:

From May till August 2021 artists can benefit from professional workshop offerings and a creative laboratory under the guidance of Artistic Director Madhumita Nandi with the exhibition of the game experience taking place in September, produced by Oyoun and funded by Fonds Soziokultur.

As a team we will help you understand how to implement interactivity within your work however we do expect you to make the assets whether this is photos, videos 3D characters etc.


To apply or find out more please send an email to

When applying, please include:

  • artist bio
  • max. 500 words to the question: „What kind of work would you like to make and how would interactivity emphasis this?“
  • skills you have: e.g. painting, photography
  • work examples (portfolio, reel etc)

*Deadline 30th April*



This project is funded by Fonds Soziokultur // NEUSTART KULTUR