ZAZUKA live at Oyoun!
Tearing through musical landscapes and never arriving…Zazuka is a Jordanian-born, Berlin-based composer and songwriter. Her at times atmospheric and at times percussive piano playing accompanies her voice, which combines warm, melismatic singing in Arabic with more clear tones of crossover-pop.
She started her path in music as a keyboard and piano player in bands, theatres and sufi poetry groups in Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan, before embarking on her solo project in Germany. As a singer-songwriter she has released two singles (2017) and an album “zazuka” (2019), which contains songs in multiple languages with various cultural influences and lush, dreamy arrangements.
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Part of the proceeds of this concert will go towards Women in Exile & Friends (, an organisation that was founded in 2002 by women with refugee status in Brandenburg so they can fight for their rights.

Midweek Spotlight #12 | Zazuka

💥 Zazuka live im Oyoun 🎶🌈 REMEMBER This event is free to attend and open to all – please support the artist (s), buy their music, check out their links or donate. 💶 Women in Exile e.V.( DE21430609671152135400BIC: GENODEM1GLS (GLS Bank)

Gepostet von Oyoun am Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2020