Gotopo live at Oyoun!
GOTOPO is a singer-songwriter and Music producer from the tropical side, residing in Berlin.
Their debut song ‘Malembe’ aims to make you wonder while your feet just can’t stop. It’s a dance song that deals with the ’Collective Trauma’ of colonialism and at the same time “all the beauty that co-exists during that ongoing trauma”.
The song’s music video at the same time, celebrates the essence of “Latin” culture, presented in 3 times: Pre-Hispanic, Colonial and Post-colonial, all through the eyes of epic women.
“Music should reflect and inspire a society; Nina Simone, Fela Kuti and Bob Marley; that’s the power of music i’m talking about, that’s the one I’m missing a bit in the Latin Pop scene. I can tell you, there is more going on in Latinamerica than women
shaking ass and the new narco in the block” – GOTOPO
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Official Music video ‘Malembe’