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“Inside The Ring”

‘Inside the Ring’ series brings together Ceren Saner’s current works from Berlin which also created her first solo exhibition in Germany opened last November and continued until January 2020. In her first photo-book, Ceren invites us to track a collective journey around the city and inside the ring.

You are cordially invited to join us at the book launch event:

📌FRIDAY AUGUST 28, 2020 – FROM 6PM!📌

💥The entrance to the event is free, however the copies of “Inside The Ring” will be available to be purchased on site, so that could be a chance to support your local artist!💥

This event will take place outdoors in the garden area as a precaution to spreading coronavirus.


🌟18.00 Starting time

🌟19.00 – 19.30 Mini Discussion on the work and Q&A with the moderation of dear Göksu Kunak aka Gök Yok Knk

🌟21.00 Ending Time


1991 Istanbul born, now Berlin based self-taught visual artist Ceren Saner describes her approach as private documentary as her works are predominantly autobiographical.

Since her childhood, frames have always been the firsthand source of information for Ceren Saner because of lost figures in her own family. She unconsciously used photography to understand these lost figures in her roots first. Then by starting to create new frames herself, she has been trying to re-build her lost memory and existence and de/construct whatever was left to her. Ceren Saner is questioning the relationship between the one behind the camera, and the one in the frame -in other words: the subject, interaction/intersection of both of these existences at the exact moment.

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Project text about “Inside The Ring”:

It is at the edge of who we are, that we begin to peer into possibilities of what we can become.

Ceren Saner uses the allegory of “Inside the Ring” to communicate her deeply personal journey of migrating to Berlin.

Initially, what can be seen as the drawing of a geographic boundary using the S-Bahn, a train that encompasses a circle around the inner perimeter of Berlin, turns in to a visual diary and emotional map of moments capturing the tension and vulnerability that is embodied in the experience of searching for a sense of belonging in a Western society, where every day can seem like a boxing match and fight for survival.

The ring becomes a symbolic border for those who live inside and

outside of society, for those who have access to resources and those who do not, those who live on the edge of belonging and those who do not.

In contrast to Saner’s works in Turkey, these images take a more

voyeuristic tone, framed through windows or doors, as if to reinforce the identity of an outsider searching for home. Home begins to reframe itself not as a place or destination but rather a community of people who share experiences and lives. The map that begins to develop is a composition for understanding the self in a new context. Not only as a mechanism to remember what hurt you, but also as the pockets of joy that layer the city. As a migrant, when leaving becomes all one knows, memories become all that one has.

Ceren’s images are not only emotional touch points for her life, but speak to a broader sense of displacment and isolation that envelopes being a queer body in exile. It is in these wandering places where one understands that it is no longer about finding the way back, but rather discovering all the hope and possibility that is in the life around you.

written by dear Sailesh Naidu

animated banner design by dear Nazlı Özersoy

last but not least about Gucci Chunk who will be moderating the discussion:

Göksu Kunak (Ankara, 1985) a.k.a Gucci Chunk is a writer, researcher, and performance maker based in Berlin. Göksu’s interest lies in queer methodologies (especially chronopolitics) and hybrid texts that deal with the performative lingo(s) of contemporary lifestyles.