September 22


07:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin

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with Maissa Lihedheb and Erkan Affan


To Whom It May Concern” is a performance series inviting LGBT+ identifying artists of color to present pieces at Kulture Neu Denken’s Saale, to be recorded and premiered offline for you. TWIMC is a performance series inviting three queer/trans* identifying artists of colour in Berlin to speak truth to power on a topic of their choice. We will have musical, poetry and dance performance. We are excited to share a special night full of talented artists and stories.




Ahmad Hijazi


SharPuta is my name and the career I chose, majesty is my pronoun, I’m a heterophobic puppy that bite anyone who tries to hold my leash and feed on my audiences uncomfortableness. Depressed but well dressed, Cancerian on estrogen so emotional AF, writer & painter, dreamer & screamer. A traveller without a passport. My biggest and most proud failure is failing in ”masculinity”.

Ahmad Hijazi is a Lebanese theater/dance performer, a social artist , and a Masters student of Dance Movement Therapy, based in Berlin . His performances are mainly ritualistic political dance movement pieces, rotating around questioning the life time research around ” what is a queer arab identity(s) ?” stereotyping,orientalism, connection to his own personal immigration story. He’s been part of/found theater/dance story based projects such as “10/01 Queer nights ( de-orientalized edition )” and “QueeЯevolutions”project, working with different under-represented groups since 2018,to facilitate changes. Since 2019 is a member of “Queer Arab Barty” collective. He performed and produced his own production in Staatstheater Darmstadt , performed in Heimathafen Neukölln , Acud Theater, Tak Theater , Uferstudios , Replika theater…

Maissa Lihedheb, born in Germany to Tunisian immigrants. A major in Media & Entertainment Management, she wrote her dissertation about ‘Symbolic Annihilation in mass media & its effect on the identity of first-generation immigrants’. Maissa runs the Classic Minority Presents film series in which she screens films that are mainly directed by POC* Womxn &/or focus on POC Womxn narratives and is the co-founder of Bipoc Film Society. She also runs the Curation & Panel discussions for the De:colonize Series run by 14km. She is currently writing a drama-comedy that narrates the story of Yasmin, a German-born with traditional Algerian ancestry. The story takes us through the lives of young immigrants in Berlin – the difficulties a big city brings in regard to dating, mental health, feeling misrepresented by the western/white narratives, & the internal battle they are already fighting with their past & identity. She is also currently editing her first documentary filmed in Tunisia.

Erkan Affan is a queer and gender non-conforming activist of colour based between London and Berlin. With an academic background in ‘Middle Eastern’ politics [BA, SOAS] and global migration (MSc, UCL), Erkan’s research has focused most notably on the importance of club and performance spaces for queer migrants in Berlin, and on assessing UNHCR’s policies of gender mainstreaming in protecting refugees. An avid believer of decolonising structures of knowledge and fostering accessibility through community understanding, Erkan completed a curatorial residency funded by the European Commission in 2019 and co- curated a not-for-profit festival for queer, of colour and Muslim identifying people in Berlin. Erkan is the co-founder of Berlin-based collective Queer Arab Barty, curating social and political spaces in Berlin for LGBTQIA+ Arab individuals that has so far included collaborations with CTM x Transmediale Festival, Disappearing Berlin and HKW.


* This project is part of Oyoun‘s curatorial focus:


The program sets to investigate the embodied memories and identities through diasporic and gender-critical perspectives. The body emerges as a changing relationship and at the same time unfolds as an ethical horizon and challenge for the (un)making of the self, identity, and belonging. “Embodied Temporalities’ will unravel the possibilities by the means of the language of art while exploring and diversifying collaborations through intersectional, anti-fascist, and decolonial perspectives.

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