September 23


07:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin

Berlin, Berlin, DE, 12049

Performative Lecture

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Sanni Est presents a sneak preview of PHOTOPHOBIA, her second studio album which portrays the self-decolonizing process of the singer, freeing herself from Eurocentric, cis-normative expectations of her gender performativity.

Following an etymological research around the meanings, connotations and synonyms of words such as ‘dark’ and ‘black’ as opposed to ‘bright’, ‘light’ and ‘white’, the album emerged from an in-depth dive into the artist’s own darkness in all senses.

The event will have a lecture format, during which Sanni will explore the whole process of conceiving, composing, experimenting performativities and collaborating with other queer/immigrant artists (of color), finalising with a collective listening and live performance of a few songs from the upcoming album.

An audio-reactive installation with 3D art by Gabriel Massan will visually translate the world of Photophobia inside the Projection Cube.

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Sanni Est is an artist, curator and trans•feminist speaker based in Berlin and with roots in North-Eastern Brazil. Making use of different media, Sanni weaves raw, (auto)biographical narratives that range from filmmaking on queer BIPoC subjects from different parts of the world; singing-songwriting, acting, writing and speaking; whilst using her trans* brown body as a performative tool of expression to provoke the viewer and confront them with their colonial perceptions of gender performativity.

Her debut album War in Her (2018) has been nominated for Pop Album of The Year by the 10th Prêmio da Música de Pernambuco (BRA).

In the past few years she has presented work at HAU 1&2, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Werkstatt der Kulturen, CCSP (BRA), GORKI Theater, Weltmuseum Wien & more.

She has been a keynote speaker for Regenbogenempfang Mannheim, ALMS Conference, DICE Festival and has been featured as Interviewee for ZE.TT, Hidden Colors (Kulturprojekte Berlin), SPRECHSAAL & more.

Sanni is also the initiator, curator and executive producer of the Berliner trans-futuristic festival Empower, which took place at GlogauAir in 2018 and Flutgraben e.V. in 2019 – both times funded by Musicboard Berlin.

Other than that, Est is a workshop facilitator on gender, sexuality & mental health for teenagers and people of color in German educational and art institutions such as Märkisches Museum, Schwules Museum, Landesmusikakademie Berlin as well as several high schools in Germany.

‘War in Her’ (2018) is an intimate reflection of the author’s fragility inside a failed hetero-normative love relationship with a white, European man. It was the first contact Sanni had with electronic music production, using the very precariousness of her sparse technical equipment as an aesthetic choice.

The visual part of ‘War in Her’, a trilogy consisting of the chapters “Him”, “Us” and “The Ceremony” are now online on the artist’s YouTube page.

As a percussionist and dancer of African-Brazilian rhythms, the artist has evolved her production style and merged ritualistic drums with unusual vocal techniques and experimental synthesizers for her second studio music project “Photophobia”, currently in production phase.

Her concert “Live at Oyoun”, performed inside the Projection Cube, an installation elaborated by Sanni herself which was inaugurated as the stage design of Empower Festival 2019, was produced as part of the residency “Occupy Oyoun”, which Est was awarded with. The full live performance is available online as video and audio in all streaming platforms.


* This project is part of Oyoun‘s curatorial focus:


The program sets to investigate the embodied memories and identities through diasporic and gender-critical perspectives. The body emerges as a changing relationship and at the same time unfolds as an ethical horizon and challenge for the (un)making of the self, identity, and belonging. “Embodied Temporalities’ will unravel the possibilities by the means of the language of art while exploring and diversifying collaborations through intersectional, anti-fascist, and decolonial perspectives.

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