We Should All Be Dreaming

Yero Adugna Eticha

"The possible has been tried and failed. Now it's time to try the impossible!” – Sun Ra

The choreographer and artistic director came as part of Perform Europe Sonya Lindfors with the project "FEMINIST FUTURES - towards antiracist and intersectional stages" and the event "We Should All Be Dreaming" in Oyoun in April. Between collective think tank, choreographed assembly, performance and lecture, the project gently invited participants to spend time together, listen to each other and dream together. In collaboration with the writer and activist Maryan Abdulkarim Insights into radical utopian and decolonial practices were given.

The event took place on April 27th for BIPoCs only, with further performances (including a performance dinner) on April 28th and 29th.  

We are happy about the beautiful images of the performances (thanks to Yero Adugna Eticha) and think back to this intimate space with many exciting encounters.

Sonya Lindfors and Maryan Abdulkarim

Working group:
Sonya Lindfors, Maryan Abdulkarim, Roy Boswell, Erno Aaltonen, David Muoz, Danai Anagnostou

Spring Utrecht Festival, Baltic Circle Festival, Finnish cultural institute for the Benelux countries

Project management:
Asmaa Sbou

WSABD is supported by PerformEurope, Rosendal International Theatre (Norway), CODA Oslo International Dance Festival (Norway), Oyoun Kultur NeuDenken gUG (Germany), LIFT Festival (United Kingdom), Independent dance (United Kingdom), Urban Apa (Finland), H2DANCE/Fest en Fest (United Kingdom) and TelepArt of Finnish Institute in Germany.